Step 4: Inspect Your Oak and Select a Top and Bottom

This step is all about selecting the best side of your disc to be top and the less desirable side to be bottom.

Inspect your oak blank that you have transformed into a disc and based on the wood grain, knots and any imperfections from your cutting and sculpting, select which side will be best suited to be highly visible as the top and which side will be best suited to be on the bottom. 

For me, I had some tear-out where small pieces of wood were torn out of one side of my disc during sculpting on the lathe. I decided to put the torn out side as the bottom and the other side as the top. 

Using your pencil, write "bottom" on the bottom side so you do not get confused in future steps!

<p>Thanks,this is a good one,it gives me some ideas.</p>
Great ible, great lamp. minor correction (and i googled it to be sure cause i wasn't certain myself). The flat bottom drill bits are forstner bits.
Thanks so much for catching my typo. I updated step 7. Please let me know if you saw it incorrectly referenced anywhere else. Thanks!
I think there were a few picture references that had it too.
Nice lamp. <br>Great ible. <br>An excellent excuse for the house smelling of bourbon.
Would this instructable work with Rye whiskey??? <br> <br>Kidding, of course. A well-crafted 'ible and a beautiful end product. Cheers!
it's great. I have a lot of empty bottles - now I'll know what to do. Just registered on the site - very pleased. Thank you!
This is so fancy. Love the way the lamp looks, and it smelling like bourbon is a welcome plus. :D

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