Step 8: Modify Porcelain socket

Picture of Modify Porcelain socket
In this step we modify the metal (female threaded) bottom piece of the porcelain socket. As you can see in the pictures, we want to remove half of the metal shaft that attaches to the bottom of the porcelain socket. This will allow our cord to exit sideways through the 1/4" hole we drilled toward the bottom of the lamp base.

NOTE: This step is optional. If you do not feel comfortable performing this step or do not have the tools to cut the metal shaft, you can leave the socket as designed and the result will be that your porcelain socket will stick up an additional 1/4' from the top of the lamp base. The original design has the socket approximately 1/8" above the top of the lamp base. Without this modification your socket will stick up to about 3/8" above the lamp base. 

NOTE: You MUST use the ceramic washer and metal bottom of the porcelain socket and cannot simply leave it off as it insulates the bare electric wires.

Begin by removing the metal from the porcelain by removing the 2 screws deep inside the socket where the bulb is screwed in.

Next hold the metal piece with a pair of pliers or vice and, using a Dremel with a cutting disc, cut away half of the shaft. Take care to do it neatly so you do not leave any sharp jagged pieces of metal as you do not want to cut your electrical cord on anything sharp.

File the remaining socket if it is not smooth. Then reassemble the socket and set aside.