Picture of +Bow - Homemade Spring-Powered Nerf Rifle

Length: 36 inches
Weight: 2lb
Plunger load: 18-32lb
Spring load maximum: 38lb
Optimal Barrel Length: 12 inches

Plunger rod has three notches affording different load rates which gives the user different range options.

Distances averaged
28lb Pull: 140 feet
22lb Pull: 110 feet
16lb Pull: 80 feet

Individual results will be dependent upon too many factors to list so take these only at face value.

Tools REQUIRED for following this guide
+ Scrollsaw
+ PowerDrill or Drillpress
+ Mitre Box & Mitre Saw or a power tool useful for cutting plastic rod or tube (such as a table saw, circular saw, or band saw)
+ #6-32 Tapping Bit
+ Screwdriver
+ Hobby Knife (to clean the edges of the sheets once cut)
+ Scissors

No other tools expressly needed. All tools listed are not easily substitutable and I don't recommend attempting to make this gun with anything other than a scrollsaw due to the size of the parts you will be making.

Part List
Download: plusbow_partlist.txt
Note: You will also need some full sheet label paper, electrical tape, and some spray silicone lubricant.

All items available through Mcmaster Carr

Simply search for the part #s listed. Total cost of supplies listed is around $80 plus shipping. You will have enough excess of most materials to make atleast 2 or 3 more guns.

Be warned. This guide has 37 steps. Not because the project is extremely complicated, but because I'm going to go into a good deal of detail on each step.

Step 1: Step One

Picture of Step One
Download the cuttings template sheets: plusbow_templates.doc (100kb)

Print them on full sheet label paper. If you ran out of color ink (like I did) make sure to use a colored pencil to mark the holes with the size you will need to drill them to.
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Have you ever tried to measure the muzzle velocity? I'm just wondering because I'm trying to create a slightly "suped up" paintball version of the basics behind this system and I'm wondering if this could send a paintball fast enough to be effective.

I have been wondering this since I first saw the design on Nerfhaven about half a year ago. What makes it a bow? I mean, I've even seen plenty of "crossbows" that are little more than stylized slingshots, but they actually have a pseudo-bow to them. The Big Bad Bow isn't even really a bow. It's a stylized gun as well. But again, what makes this a bow?

I realize someone just decided to name it a +bow and the name stuck, but I was hoping you/someone could help shed some light on the rationale.

This will not, however, prevent me from making the effort to finally build one of these when I have time and access to the tools.
It is called a "bow" because it is based off of the vintage Nerf gun, the Cross Bow.
Matthew18714 years ago
i love it but i have to thing to say Coild there be like a site wear i can get those parts that ship to CANADA because Mc Master Carr only ships to US witch sucks or ill just wait 1 year till i go to us and then order the supplies plz HELP!!!
In my vast engineering intellect, I think I cut my plunger rod a bit too short for the whole spring. Should I trim down the spring to fit it?
Are those other rectangular components still required? I can't find them on the template document.
CaptainSlug (author)  armored bore4 years ago
No, those are optional accessory parts.
natester6324 years ago
How big should the paper be that you print the templates on?
CaptainSlug (author)  natester6324 years ago
Regular Letter 8.5 x 11
k thx :)
it reminds me of a 50cal.
Kikot4 years ago
waw where did u get that huge spring?
jongscx4 years ago
Wait... how do you load and shoot this thing? Is it just a muzzle-loader?
CaptainSlug (author)  jongscx4 years ago
You can add whatever type of barrel or breech you want. Hopper clips, speed-loaders, or slide breeches.
popscott35 years ago
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
where does the amo go? or is there a clip
CaptainSlug (author)  Ghost Wolf6 years ago
It uses whatever barrel type you want to plug into the bushing adapter. The design doesn't explicitly include a breech or clip.
how much was the plus bow to make?
could you, or do you know where i could find, a list of parts that i should get to make this
CaptainSlug (author)  eleven-seven5 years ago
It's in the first step of the instructable as a text file link.
ok thanks
Airsoft Guy5 years ago
 now i just need the petg plunger tube

Airsoft Guy5 years ago
 i just need the catch and k26 spring can i just buy those off you please
CaptainSlug (author)  Airsoft Guy5 years ago
I will provide both for $12 shipped. Do you want a Rev.1 or Rev.2 catchplate?
 i just suscribed man

 by any chance can you get a good catch spring replacement for a nitefinder i will buy the k26 spring to
Airsoft Guy5 years ago
 do you mean 2 to 3 more plusbows

MAVREV135 years ago
i ment ideas on moding it to look like one an ar15 armorlite.
MAVREV135 years ago
hey captainslug i need advice on makeing my recon look more liker an ar15 armorlite and im wondering if u could help me out. here it is
CaptainSlug (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
thanks any way do u know any one that could help with makeing it more like one. oh nice mods i looked u up on youtube nice mods dude you are vary awsome im wondering how do u get your ideas.

also what is the farthest a modded recon can get with out
1 brakeing it at 2 shots or modding it to where people dont believe that it was a recon in the first place (crazy insain super mod)?
zack attack5 years ago
How much $$ did u sell it too uin13? ps: he is awsome.
CaptainSlug (author)  zack attack5 years ago
I didn't sell him one. He commissioned one from someone else.
No, he is not awesome.
I don't do range tests with stock darts. With stock darts of any kind you're not going to get the kind of ranges or accuracy you would with homemade darts.
zack attack5 years ago

ps( i didn't capitalize it to yell at u, i just wanted to get ur attention.)

MAVREV135 years ago
this is beast does this + = or get more range than a epic ls or nerf crossbow
CaptainSlug (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
Heavily modified Longshots typically max out at 90 feet, and won't be terribly durable. They also won't be very consistent beyond 50 feet.
Heavily modified crossbows top out at 100 feet typically. But is most consistent up to 70 feet.
A well made +bow on average will reach up to 120 feet and is quite consistent up to 90 feet.
wow that is cool. also how long did makeing the first one take and did u alone make it or did u have help
skaboy5 years ago
 i'm interested in getting into this hobby and ive been looking at several homemades and i have to say yours is probably the most effective i have seen considering the simplicity of it.  kudos! I was wondering though, how hard would it be to modify your design to hold a clip or some kind of system that would allow it be fire semi-automatically? 
CaptainSlug (author)  skaboy5 years ago
No, it's not possible to make a spring-plunger blaster semi-automatic.
crazyboy0075 years ago
 could you use a dremel to make the cuts needed?

great job by the way

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