Step 8: Step Eight

Now all of your plastic sheet parts are cut out.
 i'm interested in getting into this hobby and ive been looking at several homemades and i have to say yours is probably the most effective i have seen considering the simplicity of it.  kudos! I was wondering though, how hard would it be to modify your design to hold a clip or some kind of system that would allow it be fire semi-automatically? 
No, it's not possible to make a spring-plunger blaster semi-automatic.<br />
<p>yes it is (Stampede) for a homemade it would be extremely hard</p>
<p>and yes I know the stampede is full auto I am just giving a general thought</p>
<p>Have you ever tried to measure the muzzle velocity? I'm just wondering because I'm trying to create a slightly &quot;suped up&quot; paintball version of the basics behind this system and I'm wondering if this could send a paintball fast enough to be effective.</p>
I have been wondering this since I first saw the design on Nerfhaven about half a year ago. What makes it a bow? I mean, I've even seen plenty of &quot;crossbows&quot; that are little more than stylized slingshots, but they actually have a pseudo-bow to them. The Big Bad Bow isn't even really a bow. It's a stylized gun as well. But again, what makes this a bow?<br><br>I realize someone just decided to name it a +bow and the name stuck, but I was hoping you/someone could help shed some light on the rationale.<br><br>This will not, however, prevent me from making the effort to finally build one of these when I have time and access to the tools.
It is called a &quot;bow&quot; because it is based off of the vintage Nerf gun, the Cross Bow.
i love it but i have to thing to say Coild there be like a site wear i can get those parts that ship to CANADA because Mc Master Carr only ships to US witch sucks or ill just wait 1 year till i go to us and then order the supplies plz HELP!!!
In my vast engineering intellect, I think I cut my plunger rod a bit too short for the whole spring. Should I trim down the spring to fit it?
Are those other rectangular components still required? I can't find them on the template document.
No, those are optional accessory parts.
How big should the paper be that you print the templates on?
Regular Letter 8.5 x 11
k thx :) <br>
it reminds me of a 50cal.
waw where did u get that huge spring?
Wait... how do you load and shoot this thing? Is it just a muzzle-loader?
You can add whatever type of barrel or breech you want. Hopper clips, speed-loaders, or slide breeches.
where does the amo go? or is there a clip
It uses whatever barrel type you want to plug into the bushing adapter. The design doesn't explicitly include a breech or clip.
how much was the plus bow to make?<br />
could you, or do you know where i could find, a list of parts that i should get to make this<br />
It's in the first step of the instructable as a text file link.<br />
ok thanks
&nbsp;now i just need the petg plunger tube<br /> <br />
&nbsp;i just need the catch and k26 spring can i just buy those off you please
I will provide both for $12 shipped. Do you want a Rev.1 or Rev.2 catchplate?<br />
&nbsp;i just suscribed man<br /> <br />
&nbsp;by any chance can you get a good catch spring replacement for a nitefinder i will buy the k26 spring to
&nbsp;do you mean 2 to 3 more plusbows<br /> <br />
i ment ideas on moding it to look like one an ar15 armorlite.
hey captainslug i need advice on makeing my recon look more liker an ar15 armorlite and im wondering if u could help me out. here it is
No.<br />
thanks any way&nbsp;do u know any one that could help with makeing it more like one. oh nice mods i looked u up on youtube nice mods dude you are vary awsome im wondering how do u get your ideas.<br /> <br /> also what is the farthest a modded recon can get with out<br /> 1 brakeing it at 2 shots or modding it to where people dont believe that it was a recon in the first place (crazy insain super mod)?
How much $$ did u sell it too uin13? ps: he is awsome.
I didn't sell him one. He commissioned one from someone else.<br /> No, he is not awesome.<br /> I don't do range tests with stock darts. With stock darts of any kind you're not going to get the kind of ranges or accuracy you would with homemade darts.<br />
<p>HOW&nbsp;FAR&nbsp;DOES&nbsp;IT&nbsp;SHOOT&nbsp;WITH&nbsp;NORMAL&nbsp;DARTS!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> ps( i didn't capitalize it to yell at u, i just wanted to get ur attention.)</p>
this is beast does this + = or get more range than a epic ls or nerf crossbow
Heavily modified Longshots typically max out at 90 feet, and won't be terribly durable. They also won't be very consistent beyond 50 feet.<br /> Heavily modified crossbows top out at 100 feet typically. But is most consistent up to 70 feet.<br /> A well made +bow on average will reach up to 120 feet and is quite consistent up to 90 feet.<br />
wow that is cool. also how long did makeing the first one take and did u alone make it or did u have help
&nbsp;could you use a dremel to make the cuts needed?<br /> <br /> great job by the way<br /> <br />
No<br />
Awesum<br /> But does it fire stock darts(the tagger ones) aswell?
It says &quot;Add prefered berrel&quot;, so yes.
Would it be possible to have a copy of the CAD files you used to make the gun? I would like to have the parts CNC made, and that would save me from having to remodel them all. I can work with almost any CAD package. Thanks<br />
Really well done!!!<br /> It is sooo well made.<br /> Looks good.<br /> AWESOME =D<br />
I don't have the tools to make this, but damn! that sure looks sweet
yup. CS's guns (and tools) are the beast lolo

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