Bow Cloche


Introduction: Bow Cloche

I made this hat to submit to Knitty magazine's spring issue. Unfortunately, it didn't fit with the issue, so they rejected it, boo hoo. Oh well. It's here now. The pattern is my original design and is now available on my etsy site at

The hat is made with 100% organic cotton from Lion Brand. It is sooo yummy!



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    How cute

    Awesome! It's so nice to wear specially in the cold days. Knitted baby hair bands will also be nice with that design.

    That is the cutest little girls vintage style hat!! I wish I had little girls so I could knit that up for them. Nicely done.

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    It is actually an adult sized hat that my dd modeled for me. I have one. It looks really cute with the bow in the back over a ponytail, too. The pattern has all 3 sizes, infant, child and adult. But having little girls is nice too!

    What a pretty litte hat, their loss is our gain.

    Very cute. Reminds me of big and little girl's hats from the 1920's.

    Nice! I like it, it's an awesome thing. Nice job!