Let's say that you have just bought a wrong size t-shirt and you need a larger one. Or maybe it's one of your favorite t-shirts but you got some weight and it doesn't fit you anymore (this was my problem!). 
Or (last one) you are just tired of an old t-shirt and want to give it a new look and make it prettier!

Well, I am writing this Instructable to give you a very pretty idea to solve these problems! :)

Before I start, I want to make clear that this decoration is made on the back of the t-shirt so the front will remain the same.

Unfortunately I made these 2 t-shirts last summer and I didn't know this great website yet so I have no real step by step pictures of them. But I took some pictures these days and hopefully I can make it clear enough for all of you to understand. 
If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

ps: I am not able to sew and this is the first thing I have ever done sewing...so I apologize if it's not perfect!

Step 1: What You Need

  • T-shirt
  • lace
  • piece of fabric
  • sewing machine or needle and thread
  • tailor's tape
  • scissors
<p>thats fantastic</p>
<p>I love this, it's great! I have lots of older tees that are still in good shape, but I'm not! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>haha we have the same problem :D</p>
Sorry to hear that haha! I wish we shared your talent! Have a wonderful day!
Complimenti. In quanti concorsi sei impegnata? Come sei messa per ora?
Grazie! Ieri ho saputo di essere finalista nel Beauty Contest e nell'Italian Food Contest...male che vada faccio la collezione di t-shirt :D
Yaaaay!! You made to the finals :). Congratulations!!!
Aaaaw thank you!!! I didn't expect being a finalist at all!
Well, that is even more awesome because nothing like the joy of sweet surprise :)
I totally agree with you!! :)
In bocca al lupo Linda!!
Crepiii!! :D
Can you do it to big shirts to make them smaller
I have never done it, but I think you could try doing that too...instead of just cutting it in half you will have to cut a big piece of t-shirt. I am not too sure of this so it's better if you try this on an old t-shirt first! :)
This is such a cute idea!
I am glad you like it! :)
I love the grey one!! These are so cute! :D
I am so glad you like them! Thank you!! :)
Beautiful idea! love the lace bows :)
Thank you Muhaiminah!! :)
OMG I love this idea I gotta make one!!
Thank you so much, I am glad you like it! :)
Uber cute! Love the bows and lace makes everything classy :D
Thank you Nicole!! :) I admit I have been in a very lace period lately lol

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