Step 6: Leg 2 and Bead (or split ring)

Picture of Leg 2 and Bead (or split ring)
With the legs, work with the necklace (the bows), upside down.  In picture 1 and 2 you can see the bow is upside down and the threads are at the back.

Stitch ten double stitches, add the bead, then stitch ten more double stitches.  I put the bead on the tail strand.  You can either put the bead on the needle (it will have to be able to go off the end of the needle with the thread through the eye as I show in picture four), or, if the bead is too small to fit over the needle) stitch ten double stitches, pull them off the needle as if you were going to finish it, but don't knot it.  Take the thread out of the eye of the needle and thread on a bead.  In picture five you can see that if you do it this way, you will need to do your next ten double stitches, but leave a bit of thread to go around the bead.  You can see in the final picture where there are stitches, then the bead (with thread going along the bottom of the bead) and then ten more stitches.  Now you can knot it.

Ch. 10 bead 10 k.

Another option for this step, that I haven't tried yet, is to do a split ring 3/3 instead of a bead.  The point of the bead is to distinguish between the bows and really is only necessary if you have or like beads.  I like beads.