Bow - The Bike Wheel Bow

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Could not find one of these anywhere - put it into Google but no joy - - guess I better make one myself.

Rigid frame.
Good power output.
No knock required on arrows.
Longer draw than a standard bow.
So very! light.
Simple to build.
Cheap - cost £2.50 for proper catapult rubber preferred by the Chinese apparently (big following of catapults).
Pimp this up and she would be awesome - I kinda like her dirty and visceral though.
Easily shoot 20 meters. 
Would work well for short range hunting of small game or fish.
Ammo carried on the frame.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools
Simple tools -
saw to cut the bike rim - scissors - Snips or some way to remove the spokes from the wheel - file to tidy cuts - pliers to bend.

Materials for the basic build - 
Bike wheel  - eyelets of some description - inner tube from wheel - catapult rubber (or you can use cut down inner tube but it is not as powerful) - retainers for the threaded end of the eyelets (plasterboard expanding grommets in this case) - a spoke for the sight  

Step 2: Lets go

Picture of Lets go
Ok - normally I would break the construction down but this build has been developed and put together so I didn't want to take things apart again, but the build is pretty much self explanatory by just looking at the photos really.

So - take your scrap wheel and strip it down to it's constituent parts - clean up the body/frame - strip down the spindle and remove the bearings etc..

Take a saw and cut the rim/wheel in half between two holes - cool cos you get a spare frame to pimp up if you like the performance of the first build rather than breaking it down or adding things on.  Clean up the corners and round off any sharp edges.

This rim is a 29inch so for position of the eyelets I will assume you are using the same size.

Mattrox1 month ago

This is so epic! I love the ingenuity and the finished bow looks so good. Nice!

excellent idea and ibl
sickdevotee638 months ago
tight I think this is awesom
darrenhall (author)  sickdevotee638 months ago
Hiya - cheers for dropping me a line.

Mine is ok, but some of the other guys on here have done much better versions - see the beautiful picture further down the page - well sick.

See ya.

sickdevotee638 months ago
tight I think this is awesom
dgoen9 months ago
Not sure it will work but I've got an idea to take your design and do away with the rubber entirely. I'm thinking pulleys and springs instead. It may be a failed concept but I have the parts purchased and ready for assembly. Pics later
darrenhall (author)  dgoen9 months ago
Hiya - springs sound good - the frame should stand up well and you will get great power - watch your arms though and wear protection but if ya make it then lets see those piks.

Go for it
spookylean1 year ago
Too much fun. Great instructable.
boaslad spookylean10 months ago
That's a heck of a little monster you've built. Very nice use of hardware
darrenhall (author)  spookylean1 year ago
Ooooohhhhhh Yeeeaahhhh - you my friend are the man - she's a beauty.

Cmon folks, follow this lead - where can we go from here.

Amazing - just amazing
i think its a freaking nice bow and i am gonna make it now to
darrenhall (author)  youngdutchcrafters11 months ago
That's good of ya to say so - want to see yours though - much awsomeness expected.

i think freaking nice what you have made
Reuy J11 months ago
I aim to build one of these soon with my brother ( one each). I am unsure if anyone else has said it, but its a wise choice NOT to use vasaline on most types of plastic and rubber. as many rubix cubes will tell you, it will degrade the rubber. ( why you dont use it with condoms!) best bets are silicon based lubes or if you are thrifty in nature, the lube that comes with hair clippers is fantastic. hope it helps you all , after the build I will show you all. hopefully with photos!
darrenhall (author)  Reuy J11 months ago
Sounds like your keen - wanna see those pictures - any chance of one with your brother with an apple on his head, hey it will get ya £250 on You've Been Framed if he gets knobbled - he he
Reuy J11 months ago
also the android app removed my paragraphs so sorry if its hard to read
Gozzo11 months ago
Zimee11 months ago
This looks like it will make a great bow fishing bow. Great job bud...
darrenhall (author)  Zimee11 months ago
Hiya - the build worked well, but check out Spookys version further down the page - well smart.

Hope to see some of your projects on line soon.

Vaseline and rubber don't mix it will break down the rubber causing it to snap at some random point.
use silicon lube. it'll be right next to the WD-40 with silicon written big across the front.
That would be silicone lube with silicone written across the front. Silicon lube would have to be made of sand.
darrenhall (author)  low-key lysmith1 year ago
To be fair I said Vaseline as a throw away suggestion - you don't wanna know what I usually use for lube.

Good safety tip though - never want folks to be hurt - what do you recommend as a safer alternative ??
Great 'ible.

What do you normally use for lube? I do wanna know.
buuaaahhh hahaha.....i dont.
aebe1 year ago
Mighty interesting , but a well aimed wrist rocket can give you a squirrel for supper at 20 yards , using 1/4" lead balls .
If you up the pull , would you have better performance , or would it just fold up ?
Because if you can , your rig should give you better accuracy , and be a lot easier on your wrist , than when using heavy tubing on the slingshot . Have you tried yours as a stonethrower ?
darrenhall (author)  aebe1 year ago
Hi - the structure of the wheel makes it super strong but if folks go higher and higher with the power then more care will be needed, plus thought put into fail points.

As for a stone thrower - I would love to build another sometime, with one string for arrows aiming along the center and another set of strings set outside of the frame allowing for shot to be used like a catapult - - anyone thinking of using this frame for shooting shot type ammo needs to be aware of one thing, if this bugger shoots a projectile into the back of your thumb it's gonna really do some damage so take care.

Cheers for dropping by.

Replacing these eyelets with pulleys like a compound bow....
darrenhall (author)  moebuspcgold1 year ago
The pullys replace the inner eyelets - as a basic build the eyelets work fine but do not give a constant draw as the rubber has a tendency to grab - thus needing lubrication. Putting in rollers allows for a constant draw and release of power every time.

Cheers for dropping in.

AwesomeX541 year ago
ArticAkita1 year ago
such a cool project! need to make one for myself. good job!
people1011 year ago
u shoud make a video own how to make a arow
darrenhall (author)  people1011 year ago
Hiya - there is little point - folks will make their own depending on the requirements they have.

Cheers for the post thogh.
Love this, I am going to make one of these for bowfishing and go shoot a carp for supper!
darrenhall (author)  potatomansoup1 year ago
Go for it - could ya let us know what you used for the arrow tips cos I think these other guys n girls might like to do the same - - good hunting.
Thanks! Ill recycle something into an arrow
Darkmon1 year ago
Should use some Flint and some feathers and a straight stick to make the arrow... Think primitive!
Would love to see a video of your bow in action.
Arghus1 year ago
did you use the bike spikes as arrows?
darrenhall (author)  Arghus1 year ago
I didn't, but they should work well, if only for target shooting - just need a cheap arrow shaft and you have loads of tips for free.

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