Could not find one of these anywhere - put it into Google but no joy - - guess I better make one myself.

Rigid frame.
Good power output.
No knock required on arrows.
Longer draw than a standard bow.
So very! light.
Simple to build.
Cheap - cost £2.50 for proper catapult rubber preferred by the Chinese apparently (big following of catapults).
Pimp this up and she would be awesome - I kinda like her dirty and visceral though.
Easily shoot 20 meters. 
Would work well for short range hunting of small game or fish.
Ammo carried on the frame.

Step 1: Materials and tools

Simple tools -
saw to cut the bike rim - scissors - Snips or some way to remove the spokes from the wheel - file to tidy cuts - pliers to bend.

Materials for the basic build - 
Bike wheel  - eyelets of some description - inner tube from wheel - catapult rubber (or you can use cut down inner tube but it is not as powerful) - retainers for the threaded end of the eyelets (plasterboard expanding grommets in this case) - a spoke for the sight  
Should use some Flint and some feathers and a straight stick to make the arrow... Think primitive!
No, flint chips easily, and the flint chips are sharp, although minecraft does use that idea
<p>I just noticed that drawn picture of this bow (one before last) looks like assassin's creed's emblem</p>
<p>I like this!</p>
<p>hey guys</p><p>I'm new around here</p><p>just found the concept pretty interresting</p><p>where I live we go spearfishing and you might want to upgrade for power</p><p>look for speargun rubbers, they can be 16, 18 and 20 mm diametre and you have all kinds of length</p><p></p>
<p>with a few hacks it can turn into a crossbow</p>
<p>Hi - yeesssssss! your right, and the extra frame would allow a mod to increase power but not just working around the bow itself - cool idea.</p>
Miles easyer than cutting and shapping wood. Why did i never have this idea? This is awesome. Thank you for sharing with us.
<p>Hi and cheers for the post - mine was just a prototype, some of the other guys on here have made some much better versions that look great.</p>
<p>i hope you didnt need that wheel still </p>
<p>Hi - LoL.</p><p>You should have seen the look on my Grannies face when she saw her wheelchair with only three wheels - would have kicked my butt but she can't catch me now, ha ha .</p>
<p>What a wheely good idea!! Right on target!!</p><p>A very concise and accurate instructable.</p>
<p>Hi - cheers for the post, this was just a proto, ya should see some of the cool stuff others folks came up with - wiiicckkkkeeddddd.</p>
<p>instead of ending at the outer islet, if you take the rubber back to the second islet and finish there you will get extra power, so through the end one and finish back at the second one :)</p>
<p>I have a question. Maybe I missed it earlier, but I would really like to know what kind of game this is capable of taking down. I only hunt to supply myself with meat. I love you design. I just would not use it to experiment without a little more info. Thanks</p>
<p>Hi there - cheers for the look in.</p><p>Hhmmm ok, my honest reply would be this - if you built the bow totally like mine I would suggest it would really only ok for close range spear fishing, as some of the other folks have stated, the rubber used is not the best kind as it does not have a powerful or very fast recoil - this was really a basic prototype just to see if it could be built at all.</p><p>For bigger game I would suggest you look on Youtube at the Slingshot channel, the guy there really knows his stuff - ya might decide to go with one of his designs or build similar to mine but with more information about the surgical rubber he likes to use.</p><p>Sorry I could not be more specific but good luck to you - hope you find the right tool for the job - it would be great if ya let me know how you got on.</p><p>Cheers once again.</p>
<p>I have a question. Maybe I missed it earlier, but I would really like to know what kind of game this is capable of taking down. I only hunt to supply myself with meat. I love you design. I just would not use it to experiment without a little more info. Thanks</p>
<p>You do know what happens to Rubber when You Lube it wih Vaseline, Don't you?...Daddy?</p>
<p>Lol - yeah you should have seen my other build ( the one I did not put on here )</p><p>involving a gag ball, a sheep and a bike inner tube - Snnnnaaaapppppp aagggghhhhh!!!.</p><p>Have a merry christmas and keep on building.</p>
<p>Very good design. As with all slingbows, the part where you load the arrow should not be stretchable. It should be paracord or similar string material with a leather pouch to hold the arrow.</p>
<p>Great idea but 20 meters is very very weak. This would probably be improved by using Thera-Band black rubber, but then, you may have used this, it's hard to tell by the description. Thera-Band is the number one elastic used by catapult (slingshot) makers. And yes, you're correct about inner tube rubber being weaker. It's completely out of the question unless you're building a toy. Inner tubes are made of butyl rubber and have very little elasticity. One way of making the bow more powerful is doubling the rubber instead of using a single piece. A lot of slingshots and slingbows are made this way. This is technically a slingbow.</p>
<p>This is AWESOME! What kind &amp; size arrows do you use? </p><p>The text said arrows are stored on the rim but I'm not seeing how that works.</p><p>Thanks for sharing this fantastic design!</p>
<p>Hiya - cheers for the look in.</p><p>I could not find the bit about storing arrows on the unit - but that is the great thing about instructables, your building stuff from your own head - keeping spares to hand does sound a great idea but at the time I just wanted to see if I could make this work.</p><p>As too arrows - weeeeelllll ya can kinda shoot any size but I made my own from some dowel, I drew the bow and measured the length of draw, then cut the wood just a little longer, allowing for flights and a tip.</p><p>Mine is a basic design - ya should see the cool black number one of the other guys on here built - very smart.</p><p>Cheers again - :-) </p>
<p>a butte! and the comments log-in link - thnx. i suppose if maximum performance was the prime operative &gt; take the 's' hooks out of a couple of &quot;radiator specialty shop&quot; rubber bungees...might blow the budget if you have to purchase them but its all part of the R&amp;D design/build premise. </p>
<p>a butte! and the comments log-in link - thnx. i suppose if maximum performance was the prime operative &gt; take the 's' hooks out of a couple of &quot;radiator specialty shop&quot; rubber bungees...might blow the budget if you have to purchase them but its all part of the R&amp;D design/build premise. </p>
Too much fun. Great instructable.
<p>I like this one! </p><p>I have a few bike wheels sitting around too...I think I may just have to make one!</p><p>Would be great with some cos-play outfits...</p>
That's a heck of a little monster you've built. Very nice use of hardware <br>
Ooooohhhhhh Yeeeaahhhh - you my friend are the man - she's a beauty. <br> <br>Cmon folks, follow this lead - where can we go from here. <br> <br>Amazing - just amazing
<p>Down below people are asking about how to make arrow heads, Use old teaspoons. Hammer them out flat cut or file into a head then cut the handle off to the desired legnth. </p>
<p>Very cool - deadly spoons - excellent </p><p>:-)</p>
<p>Ingenious! Why the rubber band? Doesn't the rim act like a real compound bow does? Have you ever tried using using composite type rims? I'm thinking if you tried a fiberglass rim (if they make them) would give the bend needed to use real bow string or its equivalent...</p><p>Thanks for the idea,</p><p>Dizzy </p>
<p>Hiya - cheers for the look in - sorry it took so long to reply.</p><p>The rubber used is the stuff the sling shot guys prefer, gives good fast acceleration also did ya notice the draw with this method , unlike a standard bow that has the string from tip to tip of the bow this configuration sets the string deeper into the frame giving a longer draw than a strung bow provides.</p><p>I am really worried that you might experiment with fiberglass, only cos it is deadly stuff if it breaks under tension - please take care - - that being said I hope you have some fun trying out builds and any you put together I would love to see them.</p><p>For some really cool builds take a look at the slingshot Chanel on Youtube, the stuff the fella on there gets upto is just epic.</p><p>Cheers again - see ya. </p>
<p>Did you ever take a video of this in action?</p>
<p>Hi - I'm afraid not - if you would like to see similar projects though type in &quot;the slingshot (or catapult I forget ) channel&quot; on Youtube and check out some of the builds, I think you love it and the principal was the same.</p><p>Cheers for the look in.</p><p>Any other questions drop me a line - OH! did you check out the bow that the guy further down in these posts built, makes mine look rubbish, his is wicked cool.</p>
<p>This is so epic! I love the ingenuity and the finished bow looks so good. Nice!</p>
excellent idea and ibl <br>Thanks
As others have noted, it's a slingshot, not a bow. The eyebolts slow it down, as they add a lot of friction to the system. Pulleys would do the same. A standard slingshot would be much faster- and a lot simpler and cheaper to make. Still, it's an interesting piece of art.
First off this is not a bow but rather a complicated slingshot that shoots arrows or in other words a slingbow. Secondly why would anyone go through all of this when you can simply make a slingbow for almost any slingshot using zip ties and a keyring?
tight I think this is awesom
Hiya - cheers for dropping me a line. <br> <br>Mine is ok, but some of the other guys on here have done much better versions - see the beautiful picture further down the page - well sick. <br> <br>See ya. <br> <br>DZ
tight I think this is awesom
Not sure it will work but I've got an idea to take your design and do away with the rubber entirely. I'm thinking pulleys and springs instead. It may be a failed concept but I have the parts purchased and ready for assembly. Pics later
Hiya - springs sound good - the frame should stand up well and you will get great power - watch your arms though and wear protection but if ya make it then lets see those piks. <br> <br>Go for it
i think its a freaking nice bow and i am gonna make it now to
That's good of ya to say so - want to see yours though - much awsomeness expected. <br> <br>Cheers
i think freaking nice what you have made
I aim to build one of these soon with my brother ( one each). I am unsure if anyone else has said it, but its a wise choice NOT to use vasaline on most types of plastic and rubber. as many rubix cubes will tell you, it will degrade the rubber. ( why you dont use it with condoms!) best bets are silicon based lubes or if you are thrifty in nature, the lube that comes with hair clippers is fantastic. hope it helps you all , after the build I will show you all. hopefully with photos!

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