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Introduction: Bow and Arrow Rack

My 2 daughters and I are sport archers.   Storing the recurve bows (and associated arrows) properly yet compactly was a challenge, and I was unable to find a satisfactory ready-made solution commercially.   Optimally you want to hang the bow unstrung sitting horizontally on two level wall pegs and have the arrows stored in a horizontal below it.   The few commercial designs were large wood pieces of furniture, that would not fit anywhere in my home and were over engineered for the task in question.

So I designed a 3D printable two piece rack that mounts closely to the wall and has six hooks into which arrows can snap.   The design has sufficient spacing between the hooks to account for fletching, provided you alternate the orientation of each successive arrows.

When mounting, be sure that the two pieces are close enough together to hold the ends of the arrows. 



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    This is so great! I just got it printed and am loving it! Thanks so much for sharing with us all!

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    Glad you like it. I later designed another version that holds more arrows (by putting more rings in layers behind). I'll post that some day soon.

    It might. I don't own one, so don't know anything about the storage requirements.

    Usually the people I see with compound bows at the range bring them in plastic storage cases. So its possible they don't need to be hung up.

    Very cool, If I had a 3D printer or knew someone that did I totally would have just done it. It would have been much faster than making something very similar out of wood. But alas I don't so I just finished making it out of wood.

    I love this idea and concept. I only wish I had a 3D printer to print this out for my boww. Guess I'll have to go find some wood and cut it out by hand. Thanks for the awesome idea. Beats the padded nails/rods I have my bow hanging on.

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    i'm glad you like it. You could check around and see if there is someone local with a 3D printer who is willing to do you a favor. Or you could send it off to Shapeways or some other service bureau and have it printed up in whatever material you like. One thing to watch, though - the design takes advantage of the slightly flexible nature of the PLA plastic I used. This allows it to grip the arrows quite firmly so that they are not casually knocked loose. Only a slight pressure is needed to snap the arrows into and out of the hooks. If you used a less flexible material this would not work. In that case you would need to upsize the design slightly so that the arrow shafts an fit more easily through the gaps in the hooks.