I was looking for my slingshot out in my garage and I found this flexible stick (don't know what kind of wood). So I decided to make a bow.
Flexible stick
Masonry Line
Duct tape
Spray Paint.
Hair Dryer
Hot Glue
If you have any ways you think I can improve my bow, leave it in the comments below, and check out some of my other Instructables.

Step 1: Stringing the Bow

You are going to want to cut slits in the stick to create a place for the string to go. If the is a fork in your stick you can use that as an anchor for your string.
Sweet! But, shouldn't you camo the grip?
Yeah probably. I did originally but then i got impatient and covered it in duct tape
Well, that would work<br>
if you like my bow pleae vote for me in the two challenges i am entered in
thanks. check out some other instructables.

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