Picture of Tanto Tip Knife with Sheath
 A simple, yet semi-realistic knife with a sheath.
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Step 1: Building the blade

Picture of building the blade
1. make the main part of the blade\

2. make six of these "x" pieces and use the short black rods to attach to the handle

3. continue adding the "x" pieces down the handle until the grip is finished

Step 2: Building the sheath

Picture of building the sheath
1. build two of these, only one needs the white rods on it

2. make the orange strips shown

3. put white rods through the holes on the orange strips and attach to the "y" connectors to complete the sheath (sorry for the blurriness)

Step 3:

Picture of
 You're done.  Enjoy your new knife. Just remember that it is possible to hurt people with this, so be careful.
dozer7893 years ago
that is the coolest knife ive ever seen
The Sensei (author)  dozer7893 years ago
you should check out some of my other ones too
instruct393 years ago
tnats a nice sheath!
Nice, a japanese-origin knife - tanto with a sheath
very nice knife i love it thanks
Whaleman4 years ago
That's a tanto blade. Westernised version of the Japanese blades. Bowie knives are clip-points with a large belly.
Bowie knifes are a very generic description, this fits it.  Look it up on wiki.
What, exactly, is it about this knife that qualifies it to be described as a Bowie knife?
It has a large blade.  Anyway, I made that comment without thinking.  Nevermind.
Bowie knives are the kind of knives popularised by Colonel Jim Bowie. Generally have a 6" or larger blade, but they are always clip-pointed blades. This is a tanto, and should be labeled as such. My spyderco is more a Bowie than this; and it is a full-flat grind leaf-shaped blade. Still a far cry from the hollow-grind clip point of a Bowie.
Seleziona4 years ago
I think I'll build this! 4.5*
It is really cool.  I made it.  Did you see my comment?
TheChemiker4 years ago
I built it!  It took about 5 min, but it is really cool!  4.5*  The handle is really uncomfy, but who cares.  I added a handgaurd, and I might mod it into a mini gladius.  Keep it up!
The Sensei (author) 4 years ago
thank you. this is only the first of many. i also have kunai, butterfly knife, tonfa, giant shuriken, medieval sword, and even powerisers jumping stilts designs that i'm going to post throughout this summer. also if you ever have any requests or ideas, let me know. i'm always up for a challenge.
Use the big reply button in the lower right-hand corner.  This looks really good, one of the best knives so far.  I will prolly build it.
~KGB~4 years ago
Mr. Muggle4 years ago
one of the best knifes on instructables