Step 4: Making the door

- Use the Dremel with the 1/4" routing bit to cut the door. Do it slowly and carefully, always clockwise, in order to get a sharp cut at the bowl side and letting the burr at the side of the piece that will be removed. You will need to turn the bows while you're cutting.

- After cut all the door out, use the sand paber bit to smooth the edge of the door. Also do it slowly and carefully. 
Ha! I love it. One of my kittens loves sitting in a plastic bowl she found in the kitchen. It's her designated kitchen-helper bowl now where she can sit and give helpful critiques.
Thanks for the comment and I'm happy you like the instrucable. My daughter helped me in the authoring of the text and she also thanks you.
<p>Love the smart use of ordinary and cheap products! Buying a purpose designed product will cost many, many times more than your solution.</p>
Cool idea! I have used an extra Booda Dome litter pan for the same thing. Cat loves it :D
I made one of these for my little dog and it loves it
Brilliant! I would never have thought of this - but our dollar store has a zillion cool bowls and buckets I could try. Thanks!
This is a great instructable! Is your cute cat still a kitten? I have two fully grown cats and would like to make them each one and wonder if the houses would be big enough for them to fit.<br><br>Thanks for posting this one!
Thanks,<br><br>Miolo is still a kitten but the hose is big enough even for my grown up cat that weights 6Kg (~13 pounds).
Nice idea!

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