Picture of Bowline Knot
This is the bowline... often used as a rescuing knot.
If you are drowning, and someone throws you a line...
tie this knot on yourself, and you can have someone pull you in.
This is for tying it around yourself.

Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of Materials needed
Materials needed...

- rope
BARKing1 year ago
I would not use this method of tying the bowline in any rescue situation where someone else has control of the other end of the line. If the line comes under tension while it is wrapped around your wrist......
When working with "rope" never "stand" in the bite
I would use the term for the "rope", to be Paracord or 550 (Five-Fifty) Cord. One thing I borrowed from the Army when I left was a big spool of the stuff.
Jobar0073 years ago
This is a good thing to know how to do with either hand. Before my grandfather would allow his children and their friends to go hiking with him in the Arizona mountains, he would have them demonstrate how to tie this knot with either hand and their eyes closed. It really is a good thing to learn.