Bowline Knot





Introduction: Bowline Knot

    The Bowline knot is a rescue knot. If you are ever stuck in a hole or something and someone comes to rescue you, If they throw you a rope and tell you to hold on while they pull you up, you should tie the bowline knot. Can be used on a pole for practice, ect..

Step 1: Supplies

 All you need is a rope.

Step 2: Wrap It Around Your Body

    First you wrap the rope around your waist once.

Step 3: Make a Loop

    Make a loop with either side.

Step 4: Push the Rope Through the Loop

    Push the rope on the other side through the loop.

Step 5: Go Around the Rope and Back In.

    Put the rope (the side that went through the loop) around the loose end of the rope with the loop. Then put it back through the loop.

Step 6: Pull It Tight

   Pull the rope tight.



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spelling error :you up you can tie the bowline knot. can be used on a pole for practice , ect..

God himself created it, or wait, maybe it was Chuck Norris?

in my opinion the worlds greatest and most useful knot