Introduction: Bows

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simple satin bows

Step 1: Requirements

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you will need
1.satin ribbons
2.Bobby pins/hair band/pins/rubber bands.

Step 2: Getting Started

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take a ribbon with thickness of about 3-4 cm and 15-20 cm long
make sure you secure the edges by candle flame to avoid threading

Step 3: Fold ,tie,flaunt!

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now fold the ribbon and overlap the ends(you can sew or stick them using fabric glue for a secure hold)
tie the overlapped portion with another ribbon
now you can insert it in any pin or your favorite hair band

for a double bow-
place two single bows in cross and then tie them
experiment with colours and patterns!!!:)


lilyan.gripp (author)2017-02-04

what about the other bows?

suzysmith24 (author)2015-04-21

so cute

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