Step 4: The Head

Like most mascot-like costumes the head is the most important and also the most difficult. I’ll try my best to mention most that when on during the process of making it.

I wanted to make it as a Balaklava foam technique. And started with the frame of the eyes. I wanted to make the eyes deep so they could have a ‘follow-me affect”


I wrapped and glued this frame piece to the Baklava so I’d have room for my face. And from there added eyebrows and cheeks and the begging of the muzzle. Bowser’s muzzle is a continuous line of circular shapes. I must admit it was not easy to replicate. I do spend a lot of time cutting shaping, sculpting , gluing back on pieces. To make it look right to my own satisfactory. And it does look like a mess but the outcome is worth it.


At first I wanted a semi-realistic approach and wanted to add ‘hair’ or ‘fur’ for his hair on top and eyebrows but it turned out looking rather ridicules.  


The eyes where made at a early stage of sculpting the head. They’re mad from a easy cast clear casting resin kit. With acrylic paint to color. They where placed and removed multiple times while making the mask.

The white of the eyes is sheer white fabric.


I added the jaw at a time thought of having a hinge to make it ‘move’ but alas it did not work with what I had and decided to have his mouth partially open as many of his picture depict him acting. The jaw was re-adjusted many times.


The first pair of eyebrows where replaced with bigger and more well shaped ones.


I used a drape technique to skin the mask. And most of it is hand sewn.

Most of the fabric is fleece.

The lining of the mouth is a left-over scrap fabric, with Sheer Black for the back of the mouth.  This is where I mainly saw for my vision, and had for ventilation.  


The teeth are made out of white Crayola model magic foam clay.

I learned form this mask a valuable trick, do the inside of the mouth first before skinning anything else.


The hood is quite small due to being tucked and hidden by the collar.


The hair on top was one of the last things to finish. Made into sections of curved ‘triangular’ pieces. Much like a plush and stuffed with polyfil.


The nostrils are painted on with black fabric paint.

A latter addition to the head was installing a small battery powered computer fan for instant AC. This was tricky to put in, so I’d highly recommend putting the fan inside a mask before skinning it.


Instructibles is like a galaxy of stars. Every one shines, everyone amazes me. You have gone supernova with this! Even expecting stellar posts, this one is truly in a class by itself. if there is a costume contest coming up, you'va already got my vote! Maybe there could be equals, but I seriously anything or anyone could top this. Just SPECTACULAR!!!!
Thank you for your time to comment with a message so awesome! <br>It really means a lot to me to hear such wonderful enthusiasm and encouragement. <br>
<p>I really wanna make this</p>
wow wow! yo quiero uno :'(
<p>OMG.. this is amazing.. my friend is looking to cosplay as bowser, so we may really be using this tutorial. great build and awesome work. </p>
<p>Nice work on the Bowser costume. He looks pretty Awesome. I wanna make this costume for my movies and videos on Youtube.</p>
That is a cool costume and so life like
best costume I have ever seen. I so wish you made these for others I am so uncreative I can do anything on the computer but this art is way to advanced for me! purely awesome!
You are pretty much the coolest person. :D If I ever run into you at a con, I want a photo and a hug.
Hi, I just found this site and your post--Bowser looks amazing! I am making a Cheshire Cat suit, and as I was getting an idea of the head formation by your post, I am curious how you attached the fabric to the foam structure? Glue? THANK YOU so much!
I don't tend to use glue on the 'skin' fabric, unless it's a place where the fabric needs to be tucked in. I drape the fabric and sew the fabric firmly on the foam structure, this allows flexibility if something should need to be fixed latter down the road and you don't want to pull foam off the finished structure. <br>Hope that helps. ^^ and Thank you.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
I love it, you are amazing, if only i was this talented =P !!!
this is LEGIT like if this was in stores it would prolly go for a few bills. thumbs up amazing!
Great job on this project! Such a great costume! Have you seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes that wmorey37 made out of paper mache? Unbelievable! Check them out here: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles/
Wow! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well If i was Mario right now i think I would be so scared i would go right away and cry to princess Peach
I love it! What a talent!
Wow, amazing work on the Bowser costume!! *high five* :-)
I hope you have the chance to do many many more costumes like this one. You have an amazing talent keep going and keep posting them!!!
Sweet, you rule!
This is wicked cool! Great 'able and again just plain amazing!
Ah, and people make typo's, everyone knows that. :)
Hey have you entered this in any of the active contests? You totally should!! I am not sure if it will fit any of them, but it just might (like maybe you made the cut for the fashion contest or make it real.) I'd stretch and say it could go in the spy because you could be working the street collecting intel in cogneto (which I clearly can not spell). I just think this is fantastic and will vote for ya if you enter one of the contests! Again amazing job!
Personally I&acirc;€™m not one to go for contests. But I will keep it in mind for the future ^^
I hope you do, such find quality should get some recognition, and if you win free stuff is always wonderful as well. :)
Didn't you go to Anime Banzai 2011? Because if then I met you there. It was a pleasure. <br> <br>However still I still think you need fans for cooling and ventilation. I'm no expert I just work a lot with PC cooling. Looking at your design thou I see why you said you didn't. <br> <br>However what you could do is take a hole saw on the inside of that &quot;shell peace&quot; to both lighten (I'm sure it's pretty light but still foam on skin gets hot fast) it and create an air pockets then attach fan mounts to the inside skin of the shell (tricky part is venting without exposing you could hide them with your spikes thou if you made them hallow I can't remember if they where removable or not) and toss in some exhaust fans for as big of fans as you want to haul around thou less is more and if you can do like one big 220MM fan rather then a bunch of smaller ones take volume over quantity. Push the humility out the shell and another out the front of the nose. I enjoyed the build, and if you have questions ask away heh.
Yes I did. <br> <br>Actually I did install a removable battery powered small PC computer fan in the mask. After having that luxury, I haven&acirc;€™t the faintest Idea how I survived at Anime Banzai. <br> <br>Thank you for the suggestions I will remember them for future projects. And to answer your question, the spikes are not removable. <br>The suit itself is close to its own retirement and I wish I met you sooner to incorporate your idea with fans on the shell. <br>But as I said, I will remember it for future costumes. <br> <br>I&acirc;€™ll be at Banzai this year, though I&acirc;€™m afraid I won&acirc;€™t be bringing Bowser. I have plans to bring Keroberos instead, a winged lion quad suit, be sure to look out for that ^^ <br>
OH does this mean another wicked cool instructable is coming?
I'm trying to do a costume of King Kazuma (cause I'm tall and skinny at 6'1) this year but I'm really dragging my heels. Time is running short. I just need to start building parts that I don't need to buy bases for.<br><br>But either way I'll see you there I hope, I just hate going out of costume always feels weird.
Same here LOL <br>I feel nude in a crowd of nerds without a costume XD
Exactly lol.
Amazing quality; very well done!
Awesome!!! Beautiful work! <br>Thank you to share this really good creation!!
best cosplay I have ever seen. It is AMAZING
Great work! The costume is awesome. <br> <br>Thanks for taking the time to post this.. I really enjoyed seeing all the details and all the work you put into this! Major kudos.
troll duck this would go awesome with a prank i'm voting ten coppers out of ten=)

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