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This is my Bowser Marionette and poor old dry bones underneath.  I saw book_worm's  Dry Bones Marionette instructable and was inspired!  I started out by following book_worm's instructable and made my dry bones.  I then played around with the idea and made a pig, a devil, a wolf, a dog, a dragon and then bowser.  Each time building on the idea book_worm had and adding my own flair.  I'll be writting an instructable showing my changes, but you should all check out book_worm's as it's fantastic!


kristylynn84 (author)2011-05-30

hahahah that's great!

poofrabbit (author)kristylynn842011-05-30

Thanks! I'm trying to figure out what Mario I want to do....raccoon Mario, fire ball Mario, freeze ball Mario, frog Mario.....oh decisions decisions!

make a reular mario but you can attach other "suits" onto him with velcro or somthing...

This is a great idea and Ive been playing around with out to change out his looks, when I do, I'll post an 'able.

splazem (author)2011-05-23

Sweet! I like dry bones.

poofrabbit (author)splazem2011-05-23

Yeah he's so cool! I've had a lot of fun making these. Mario is next on my list and I'm going to do a step by step instructable showing how I changed book worms. :)

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