Box-Hack for Necklace / Neckband





Introduction: Box-Hack for Necklace / Neckband

Very easy box hack

Step 1: Inspiration

My Girl had a lot of Neckbands and she loves them, she wanted something goodlooking to store them properly

I had left some cool container-boxes and tons of outletpipe in my stock... so a new idea was born.

Unfortunately like all my projects i do most of the times photos after the work is done.... now that i am on instructables i have to get used by doing photos step by step... so for this instructable i thought drawing in paint the steps that would be easyer then just writing the steps

Step 2: Cutting the Pipe, Glueing and Fix It in the Box

PIC1: I used an PVC outlet pipe what that was 100 cm long and cut it to fit 90 cm.

After that i cutted out 2 slices of wood that perfectly fitted in to the pipe (diameter 150)

PIC2: then i screwed Pipe and sclices together and in the slices i drill a center hole

PIC3: I used doublesided tape and taped it around the pipe one at both ends and one in the middle

PIC 4+5: Then I used some paper tissue and rolled the pipe over the tissue

PIC: 6 I measured the perfect mid of the box, drilled a hole on both sides and screwed the pipe in to the box, so i could still turn the pipe, but was still fixed properly

Step 3:



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What kind of shipping containers are those?

those are some simple mdf boxes, i bought them years ago at