Introduction: Box Solar Oven

Picture of Box Solar Oven

Materials needed:


plastic wrap


cardboard box

cardboard strips

cardboard sheet

scissors/cutting utensil

Paper or newspaper

Step 1: Find the Right Size Boxes

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To find the right size boxes you need a box a bit bigger than what you are going to cook. Then you need a box slightly bigger, than the other box, in every dimension.

Step 2: Apply the Foil

Picture of Apply the Foil

Use the foil to cover the inside of both boxes.

Step 3: Put in Paper/Newspaper

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Put the paper or newspaper on the bottom of the larger box, and put the smaller box in the bigger box. After that, put some more paper/newspaper between the boxes.

Step 4: Attach the Tabs

Picture of Attach the Tabs

Take the tabs of the inner box and attach them to the outer edges. Cut off the excess tab.

Step 5: Create the Cover

Picture of Create the Cover

Take the sheet of cardboard and cut it to fit the top of the outer box. Cut three of the four sides of a square, with a small margin, on the inside, and lift it up.

Step 6: Put Some More Stuff on It

Picture of Put Some More Stuff on It

Add foil to the flap and plastic wrap to the hole left from the flap. Use a strip of cardboard to prop up the flap.

Step 7: Add the Cover to the Larger Box

Picture of Add the Cover to the Larger Box

Attach the uncut side of the covet to the back end of the box to make a door on the top, for accessing the inside.

Step 8: Put the Box in the Sun

Align the side opposite of the hinged side toward the sun, and wait.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-05-21

Nice design. And I actually have the materials to make it.

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