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Take some pieces of 3mm plywood, cut all parts from the attached "nuss-spender.svg" file and glue it together. (see photo)

Fill with peanuts or other delicious things...


uncle frogy (author)2011-12-24

well it is a nice looking box but I do not mean hurt any ones feelings but this for me falls a little short of what I understand as an intructable. how about a couple of pictures showing the process in steps please maybe with some simple descriptions of what you did.
uncle frogy

Kiteman (author)2011-09-20

Any chance of adding a PDF or JPG version of the file for folk who might want to cut this out by hand?

fspatz (author)Kiteman2011-09-20

[x] done

Kiteman (author)fspatz2011-09-20


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