Box Light


Introduction: Box Light

a light in a box do i have to say more?

Step 1: Componits

Lot of wire, a switch a battery holder(any type). A LOT OF ELECTRIC TAPE!
A BOX(DUH)and battery's.

Step 2: Holes

Make 3 holes 1 for light 1 for switch one for battery's.

Step 3: Wireing

Wire it together

Step 4:

close up the box with tape and insert battery's

Step 5: Optinal


Step 6: Optinal

Eat pizza



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    I am thinking you should try using "Spell Check" and fixing your spelling mistakes. This is hard to follow with all of the spelling errors.

    3 replies

    There's no spell check for lack of content.

    I hope this was some sort of "joke" instructable...