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Looking for an Epic but Easy costume to make for Halloween? The Box of Wine Halloween Costume will make you the life of the party...LITERALLY. This costume is a fully functional wine dispenser. Just turn the spout and you've got drinks for the whole party!

You can make this costume in a day and best of all the cost is approx. $15-$20, depending on what materials you have it could be more or less.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials and Tools
  1. Cardboard: cut two pieces that are 36" x 24" and one piece that is 20" x 16"
  2. Cardboard: a few extra pieces for structural reinforcement
  3. Paper - 28 sheets for printing, approx. 20 for other stuff
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Staple Gun
  6. Color Printer
  7. Scissors
  8. Paper Cutter - if you don't have one you can use scissors, but it is helpful when you are printing out your graphics
  9. Tape - clear scotch tape
  10. X-acto Knife
  11. Yardstick
  12. Pencil
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justinbonko5 months ago

I can't find the .jpg files here. I printed using the files that she has attached. But they seem to be too small. Does anyone have any hints? I don't have .psd.

When I attempt to download the images onto photo shop, only 1 image appears. For example when I click on "Franzia Top" only 1 image shows up on photoshop when I am sure there should be more than one image. The same goes for the front and the side. This might just be my lack of knowledge of the Photoshop program. Could anyone offer any advice?

When you open the photoshop doc make sure you have the layer view open. There are multiple layers per doc. Each layer is a different part of the the squares that make up each image. By turning off and one each individual layer you will get once piece of the picture "puzzel"

scotia281 year ago
Hi there - this is genius and your step by step process is brilliant. However when I open the printables in the .psd I don't have the proper program or something because it's all symbols and broken up. Is there another format you might have this in and be willing to share?
.PSD is a Photoshop document
beckygibbard5 months ago

I can't get the images, I don't suppose you can repost, they are corrupted.

schindlc1 year ago
Thanks so much for a great instructable! The costume was a major hit and won a costume contest.
13, 6:23 PM.jpg
Ace Frahm1 year ago
This is so great because it is essentially a "social" costume. You should make sure to have a cameraman friend, cause half the fun is all the funny pictures of your friends taking a drink, and the unexpected funniness of odd|weird|unexpected costume characters doing it.
OMG! You should take someone in this costume with you!
missydiva1 year ago
Hi, Im trying to print the graphics and the psd is only giving me one picture instead of the 4-6 that are in there?? Am I doing something wrong? I tried from another computer and got nothing but broken symbols and letters when I tried to open it.
popeye12311 year ago
tf2 sniper once said "ah piss" jaratate
If you are going to go as a box of white wine for Halloween, you should at least call it something like "Cardbordeaux" ...
kokocooper1 year ago
Fundamentally disturbing spout placement. Beyond that ... awesome costume.
This was pretty much the most fun ever. Thank you!
Great idea! But there is one thing that would make it a perfect last minute costume. PDFs... They always print at the same size for everyone. It took my neighbor and i about 20 minutes to construct the box and then went to kinkos do print. But we ended up spending an hour trying to get the jpegs to print at the right size using their crappy software. We ended up ditching the idea lest we miss out on the festivities. Otherwise, great instructiable!
crlp2 years ago
It says that you also added the .jpg image if you dont have photoshop and I unfortunately dont have photoshop so I can't print the images. Can someone guide me to where those are?
shmang crlp2 years ago
you can download the files and use online file conversion. i used and converted them to .jpeg
cryptex3 years ago
your first photo looks wrong
Carleyy (author) 3 years ago
CONGRATS TO: He11uvaCook for winning the BOX OF WINE CHALLENGE

I want to thank everyone who participated! I'm really impressed with how your costumes came out and SUPER flattered that you liked the costume enough to make it! This definitely inspired me to start running more challenges like this on other projects.

Because all the entries were so awesome I'm giving everyone a 1 year pro-membership! You will receive a PM letting you know how to redeem your pro-membership.

I included some pictures of my friend Alana wearing the box of wine I made on Halloween night. You can see me in some of the pictures (I'm Xena - Instructable coming soon).

Carleyy (author)  Carleyy3 years ago
Easycustoms3 years ago
I made the costume and it came out great! The only tip I have to offer is to drink some of the wine from the bag. 5 liters gets heavy after a few hours.
Carleyy (author)  Easycustoms3 years ago
A box of wine drinking a box of wine. AWESOME!
kmarin13 years ago
Double trouble! Made one for me, and one for the wife!
Had fun making this AWESOME lots of complements....
I basically used the same files to change the hue for the red color, and just edited the name of the wines ( La Rubia "Blondie", and Matador Red).
Everything worked according to the specs!
Carleyy (author)  kmarin13 years ago
Didn't think of this as a couples costume, but it definitely works!! I love the picture of you and your wife on the dance floor!
bnwarthan3 years ago
SO much fun with my costume! Very heavy at first though, much better after giving out drinks : )
Carleyy (author)  bnwarthan3 years ago
What did you use to secure the wine bag?
mighkey3 years ago
I am not too artistically inclined and had some issues. But i was a huge hit around the neighborhood. I have had requests to wear it every year. I may install a cup holder. Also, i placed the spout on the side to make it more authentic, so as not to make women uncomfortable and because there was already a hole in that side. I heard a lot of "best costume ever" and "hey your leg smells like wine" I may be "Christmas box o9f wine guy" and "Easter box of wine guy" Maybe I will rent me out for weddings. I actually had a few people ask where they can buy a box of wine that size....
Carleyy (author)  mighkey3 years ago
I love that you wore this around for the parents - they deserve to have their own 'treats'. I totally understand the need to PG the costume for the ladies. Looks awesome!
jsdrulia3 years ago
It only took me a few hours to make this (with the help of the images already done from this instructable). Everyone loved it! I went as 'Snooki's ultimate accessory - vino'. I "classed" it up by choosing the Franzia Chablis instead...
Franzia costume.jpgFranzia costume.jpg
Carleyy (author)  jsdrulia3 years ago
Fist pumping Box of Wine style!
Gambit5103 years ago
Me and my brother made it, we had some a few setbacks with our printer but we figured it all out and had to keep in the gray edges on the pictures but it still looked great. Everyone that saw it thought it was hilariously awesome. My brother said when he wore it that everyone was slapping the box before they would take a drink. This picture is after he had been partying in it all night, so it got a little ruffed up.
Carleyy (author)  Gambit5103 years ago
Looks like you and your brother had a pretty awesome halloween by the looks of the box!
He11uvaCook3 years ago
I mentioned this little project at work and they allowed me to print it on our 4-foot plotter in high-res full-color on beautiful paper! I mounted it to foam-core w/ spray adhesive, then taped it to the shoulder-mounts! I cut a hole in the front for the spigot, then hung the box o' wine from my neck w/ a luggage strap! I would advise removing half of the wine from the box to lighten the load on your neck because my neck was killing me the next day! Other than that, the costume was a huge hit! We're now planning a Tour de Franzia Party wherein this costume will be worn while we play Slap the Bag, and drink from a wide selection of the World's Most Popular Wine!

Note: I recessed the sides of the box so that I could bend my arms at the elbows because the front is just larger than 30 X 30 inches. I couldn't even reach my own spigot, but people didn't hesitate (much) to serve themselves!! What a blast this costume was!!
11 - 3.jpg11 - 1.jpg11 - 2.jpg
Carleyy (author)  He11uvaCook3 years ago
Thanks for letting us know how you modified the box.

I hope to see an instructable on 'How To Throw a Tour de Franzia Party' soon!!
Here are a few more pics that show the construction of this costume a little better!
2011-11-07 08.46.03.jpg2011-11-07 08.45.55.jpg2011-11-07 08.45.43.jpg
Carleyy (author) 3 years ago
Thanks to everyone who entered my BOX OF WINE Challenge!! I will review your posts today and announce my decision tomorrow.

zachishi3 years ago
This costume was awesome. The laughter from people was pretty ridiculous when we dispensed the wine. The wife went as the wine box and i went as a wine sommelier.

Putting everything together was fairly easy one it was cut out.
Carleyy (author)  zachishi3 years ago
Your wife looks so cute in the box! I love it!!
teosborne3 years ago
I also had great success with this costume. Mine is red wine :). I scanned the Franzia box and printed the entire label as a single sheet on a poster printer, which resulted in a very high quality costume. It was a hit at the Halloween party.
tedtakes53 years ago
Challenge accepted
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