Step 4: Assemble Graphic

Since I am printing out the graphics for the sides of the Franzia box on several sheets, I wanted to make sure the image was a crisp as possible. Basically, when I taped the images together to make one large image I didn't want gaps between the pages. I figure out a really good way to do this that involved taping mostly on the back of the images (as opposed to the front where everyone could see it). This worked out really well...people in my office even thought the box of wine costume was a real box printed by the Franzia company which was pretty awesome!

Cut Images: cut off grey edged to cut images out. I used a paper cutter to make this really easy, but you can also use scissors.

  • Cut the blank pieces of computer paper in half so you have some strips of plain white paper.
  • For the front of the box there are 6 images that are put together to make the large image with two columns and 3 rows. I taped the two images in each row together and then taped the three rows together. Do the same thing for the back, sides and top.
  • TO TAPE: tape the two images in each row to one of the strips of white paper. Only tape on the backside. I added a few SMALL pieces of tape on the front side to keep everything aligned
  • Use this same technique to attach the rows together