One overcast morning I was perusing the yard of my summer residence and I came across this small wood pile comprised of what looked like old fence boards, or at least portions of old fence boards. The boards were in pretty great condition considering they had been sitting unprotected in the yard for an unknown number of years. I decided to use them to make a box. This project had two very important goals.

Goal #1: Make a box with a lid
Goal #2: Spend as little money as possibly (hopefully $0)

With these two goals in mind I began building a box. 

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

The boards I found were narrow - remember old fence boards. So I decided I would use 2 boards on each face of my box. Doing some simple calculations I figured out I would need 12 boards (2 boards for the bottom, 2 for the top, and 2 for each of the 4 sides. 2+2+8=12). I rummaged through the wood pile and found 12 of the better condition boards. I was looking for ones without major cracks and warping. 

Then I began gathering materials I would need. This is where I had to get creative in order to fulfill Goal #2 - spend as little money as possible. I couldn't be picky about what kind of saw I used, type of glue, etc. 

Supplies and Tools:
-Measuring tape
-Skill Saw
-Electric Sander and Sand Paper
-Glue (wood glue or some similar alternative)
-Small Nails or Screws
-Wood Stain

Id u dont already have somthing inside it u can put extra blankets in it?
Nice project, thinking I will measure my chair cushions and build a storage box/table for the deck. Thanks for the inspiration!
good use of what is available to you at the time. <br>Good instructable. Would make a good fishing stool. sit on lid with all your fishing bits and bobs inside. <br>well done.
Good little project
That's excellent. I want to do something like this on a larger scale!
Great job!! Nice box that could double as a stool or ottoman... with storage!!
Nice looking box! Great use of material lying around!

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