Boxed in Wood Lathe Stand With Tool Bench and Dust Free Storage Area.





Introduction: Boxed in Wood Lathe Stand With Tool Bench and Dust Free Storage Area.

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This is how I boxed in the stand of my wood lathe. something I have been meaning to do for a long time. the table has a tool tray that just fills up with wood shavings so the tools get lost in the shavings or get thrown out when you hover them up i have had to search the wood shavings bin more than one to fing a chuck key that hd dropped of the rack and got swept up. the will still be some very fine dust get in it just gets everywhere but i will no longer be searching through wood shaving for tools and things.

The tool bench was not planned but was fitting the top sheet I saw the potential of extending the top out to form a useful bench so the chisels are now at hand.

I used drill screw to attach the planed lathes to the legs of the table  I used 2 spare fins from my first wind turbine to skin the back of the boxed in part. and the flap at the from is made from ripstop nylon that a friend gave me a few yards off.  the upholstery skills where basic by enough to make it functional. the rain was coming on and i had no time to take pics of the construction of the front curtain.

The finished project is proving to be a great addition to my wood lathe, the wood shavings are easily swept up, I have all my chisels at my right hand while i work on turning projects, the extra weight from the blanks and tools etc adds to the stability of the lathe, plus the front curtain makes access to the storage area very easy yet keeps the wood shavings out.

The details are in the pics, thanks for looking and i hope this idea is of use to those who have a variant of this lathe.



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    Very clever attachment, DrQui. I should do something like this for my work desk. Sometimes takes longer looking for a tool or part, that doing the work.

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    Thanks Rimar, I had planned to do this since i got the lathe but at least now it is done, the purchase of the Record Nova chuck G3 has re sparked my interest in wood turning check this link now i have the nova chuck i have no excuses not to start some real serious wood turning projects that can earn me some income.  I am spending more time out in my shed fixing it up to a standard where I can work in it all day hopefully earning some income from what I'm making.

    MMMMHHH, if things are there like here, turning wood you will earn less than washing dishes or sweeping floors. Except that you are a real artist, in whose case you can turn –literally– millionarie.

    I ordered a set of carving chisels, so i can add decorations to my wood turning projects, I already know that unless it is really ornamental that people show very little interest, But I enjoy turning things so as long as I'm happy with my work I'll be OK and if I can make some money now and then that will be even better.

    Small thing kids like are very salable, I been messing around making little wooden people from scraps of mahogany, the little goblet is made out of a piece floor brush handle.

    I has a metal lathe operator for my first job, I think this is why enjoy wood turning so much.

    maybe ill get the pics to upload this time.


    May you turn your hobby into a source of income. Your works are very cute. I watched the video of the lathe chuck you purchased, looks awesome.

    May you turn your hobby into a source of income. Your works are very cute. I watched the video of the lathe chuck you purchased, it looks awesome.

    Nice box, pretty neat use of the material for the front. It is nice to have some shaving free storage for the wood lathe.

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    Thanks, its seems to be more useful than i had imagined. i need a few tool trays now to organize my chisels, and also can move all my dyes and sealers out of my dust free cabinet and use that to keep my high precession tools and safety equipment in.

    I keep my chisels on two trays on the wall behind the lathe, works great. For all my other turning stuff I have some nice metal drawers besides the lathe and finishes go in the cabinets on the wall. Works out pretty good.