Picture of Boys Bleach Tie Tee w/ Faux Collar
Bleach tees are super fun to make and the possibilities are endless.  I made this one by using a tie freezer paper stencil and adding a faux-collar (from one of my old button-down shirts from back in my working days).  After the pic, I'll get into the tute for how to make your own for your little man.

What You'll Need:
Tee shirt (I used a plain black long-sleeved tee)
Spray Bottle
Clorox Bleach
Freezer Paper
Tie Template (I printed at 50% scale)
Collar from an old women's button down (optional)

Step 1: Step 1: Making the freezer paper template

Picture of Step 1: Making the freezer paper template
First, use the tie template you printed and place it beneath your freezer paper.  Trace the tie and cut.  Then using a hot iron (no steam) iron the freezer paper onto your shirt (shiny side goes down).
omnibot3 years ago
I love it. I bet a lot of my lesbian friends will make them.
samalert3 years ago
didnt loved and attached until i saw the model ........... he is so damn adorable and bet anything will suit him........ :P thanks for lovely instructable
DesignedByDawnNicole (author)  samalert3 years ago
Thanks! I think he's pretty cute too, but I'm biased, of course! :)
Awesome project, definitely going on my to do list! (when i find time) I also have a 2 yr old, a 3 year old and a 2 month old!
Thank you!! It's a really fun project to make! :)
MaryT8M3 years ago
How CUTE.......I've got to do this for my 2 yr old Grandson!
DesignedByDawnNicole (author)  MaryT8M3 years ago
Thank you! Have fun making it. I love doing bleach tees. :)
mikeasaurus3 years ago
I love the bleach effect applied to dark materials.
Me too! Especially the cool rusty color black tends to pull. :)
I love this! It is so adorable!
Thank you! :)