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Introduction: Boys' Room

Our boys are ages 2 and 4, so they too small for real bunk beds.  This KURA bed works perfectly because it is so low.  I don't worry about someone falling off the top and getting hurt.  My 4 year old loves sleeping in the tent and by 2 year old loves sleeping in his bunk underneath.  I love it because it saves space in their small room.  So cute and so functional!



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    I've been thinking hard about bunk beds for my 2 son's. One is 6 the, other is 2. I tell my 6yr old that I'm thinking of getting bunk beds and he would have to sleep on the top bunk, since his little brother has a habit of rolling out of bed. He's a bit scared, I saw what you've done here and I think it would be PERFECT for them, I know it wouldn't be to high off the ground and.. i've already mentioned about the other one rolling out of bed. I even think the tent addition would add some appeal for my 6yo to sleep on the top. Thank you for showing this (as I am not normally the kind of person to think of shopping at IKEA).

    P.S. I think IKEA should pay you for getting possible consumers like me interested lol

    That's the EXACT bed I want for my 6 year old!

    I love the idea of the tent. When I was youngster i liked the bunk because my younger brother sleept with the ligths on. So sleeping on the top was impossible. I might have slept on the top more often if i'd had a tent.