Bozar B-1 Single Shot Uzi Knex





Introduction: Bozar B-1 Single Shot Uzi Knex

one night i was struck by an idea for the perfect knex gun. the next day i started to put my brain into motion. but my "perfect" knex gun was far from it. it only shot about ten feet and had no trigger. i spent about an hour tweaking and modifying it to work better. this is hte end product. it only shoots one shot at a time but it fires much farther and has a trigger. here it is! i hope you like it. also don't forget to rate

Step 1: Body

the base of the gun, simple enough right???
you might have some trouble putting in the white rods but you can do it!

Step 2: Trigger Mech

how to build the trigger system.

Step 3: Iron Sights

easy to use iron sights (optional)

Step 4: Assembly

do i realy need to explain to you what assembly means? i say no! just fallow the pictures.

Step 5: Ammo and Loading

common sense

Step 6: Finished

good job! you are finished!!! now go burst into flames



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    I made a mod of this heres the link

    a list of things for this gun

    automatic or semi automatic
    mag more than 6
    2 to 5 rubber bands


    soon to be a handle

    its an easy powerful single shot pistl, whats wrong with that

    This was conceived as good about 3 years ago.