Bra Bag





Introduction: Bra Bag

The solution to not having a place to put your stuff while you're out? The Bra Bag! A place to put your phone, cigarettes, or whatever else while you're out and don't want to carry a purse.

How to hack your bra to make your own bra bag...

(credit to jin hong, sebastian brauer, tiana galanti, isabel donaldson, and berk asal)

Step 1:

Cut the stitching at the top of the pad insert bag, but leave the stitching at the bottom and sides.

Step 2:

Stitch vertical seams to create pockets. Size your cellphone, cigarettes, condoms, or whatever else you carry around with you.

Step 3:

Place items...

Step 4:

...and wear!



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    35 Discussions

    Forget car keys, my wife could keep the whole car in there!!

    This is cute; would've tried it if I'd seen it a year ago. But I found out last fall that carrying your phone in your bra; that close to your breasts can cause tumors & cancer. Please don't try this if you haven't already.

    It deppends on your build, if you have big boobs and a bra with some padding you can put a ton of stuff in there without it being to visible, if you have a smaller build you might want to stick to an ID, credit card and condoms (aka small stuff no phones or cigarettes)

    As one of the previous commenter said, please dont use this for cash. Really think of me the poor cashier watching you pull boob sweated money out of your bra and knowing that if I don't take it I will lose my job.

    But I think this is a wonderful idea for your phone, ID and credit card for a night on the town, just know that if you have a big phone or a big wad of cash people will be able to see it.

    when i was in las vegas i won over 4000 dollars. for safe keeping i kept it inside my bra cup for the week. the group of people i was with had all kinds of fun with me all week making jokes at my expense about my lopsided breasts. thats o.k. i was the one with the cash and it all went home with me. in my bra.

    some bras have the removable padding in them and already have "pouches."

    i will say if i go out with a few items in my bra they do show through if i wear a tight fitting jersey in the summer.  sometimes i cant avoid it  and i will get a square look on one of my boobs.

    I dated a girl that kept her money and such in her bra I am now starting to wonder if she had modified he bra like this or just relied on friction to keep her stuff in place...

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    any bra is capable of carrying things in it from money to a walett to a cell phone.  just put it down there. it will usually make its way to the bottom and stay there all day till its needed. i do it all the time.i dont need any special bra. i do the same in my bikini at the beach.

    Well, I know how to solve the bumpy issue! Mostly.
    Have the pockets on the inside side of your boobs.
    That way the object basically rests within the clevage. :D

    Yeah. I was cashier for a summer. I absolutely hated ppl who handed me humid wet money from their bras. It made me want to refuse them service. Seriously, do some women think ppl want to touch their booby sweat soaked items? Don't do this. This is not a good idea. go make a screen print with your free time or build a little vibrating robot to annoy your cat- anything!

    pretty odd, but unnecessary. I know someone who just tuck stuff in her bra. And she probably doesn't wear a special bra.

    I think it only is good for small and flat stuff. If you start using bigger things like a packet of cigarettes, that "box" shape will pop out in front. And if it is something like keys and stuff like that.....people will think you gained a size or 2. Keep it to paper money and hankerchiefs...

    seconded - how does this not look like you just stuffed some things into your bra? sometimes out of desperation I stick things in my bra, but it pretty much always looks like I am deformed

    I don't think having a cellphone so close to your breast is a good idea... seriously.

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    Condoms by a heat source (read: your body) yields babies!!! If you have to, get polyurethane condoms, which tolerate heat a little better (and feel a lot better).