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Introduction: Bra Puppets

About: For me art and creation is about experimenting, play, embracing imperfections, finding the best bits and seeing the potential in discarded objects

Making a Bra Puppet


  1. 2 Padded underwire bras
  2. Embroidery cotton
  3. Needle with a large eye
  4. Old jewellery
  5. Beads for eyes
  6. A sense of humour
  • Sew two padded underwire bra cups together along the wire edge with embroidery cotton
  • Leave the other edge open for the mouth
  • Cut of the back fastening section with the hooks and eyes and reserve for making the hands and feet [ make sure you have a big enough section]
  • Shape and roll the other part of the back strap to form the ears, sew/attach to the side of the head
  • Sew on eyes, hair and other bits of choice to bring the puppet to life
  • Take another bra and roll the top section to form a neck to join onto the head with embroidery cotton
  • Cut off the thin bra straps and attach for arms
  • Shape hands and feet from the reserved back strap leaving the hooks and eyes evident for more fun[sew onto arm straps]
  • The back strap can also be used to shape a nose [sew on]
  • Tip Each puppet character is your own, use up those bits you have lying around
  • Tip Padded bras are the most suitable

Step 1:



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    This truly makes me smile and chuckle. Very creative project! Love it!

    Really funny. It looks like it should be sitting in the theatre box with Statler and Waldorf. :-)

    Facinating. I love it.

    This is without a doubt one of the most creative puppets that I have ever seen.