Step 3: More on adjusting the pattern

I made 1 partial bra and 1 additional complete bra while working out the pattern. The green one in the pic below is totally wearable although the elastic is so curly it looks really odd laid out flat.

There are any number of possible adjustments to make but the most common are these:

  • cup shape, which can be adjusted by changing the curve of the top of the cup lower piece. A small adjustment here goes a long way so change an eighth of an inch at a time, and make sure to smooth out the lines well. If you have to make a lot of change here you'll probably also need to adjust the cup upper as well, making it slightly longer or shorter to accommodate the difference in length of the lower cup edge.
  • center stay. May need to be shorter or longer, depending on how widely placed your breasts are. You may also find that changing the angle of the sides gets you a better fit, either straighter or more flat of a triangle.
  • cup top edge - I found I wanted my bras to be slightly less than full coverage, so I lowered the outside edge of the cup (but not the inside edge). This also meant I had to make the straps longer to make up for it.
  • side/back too short or too long. Make adjustments to this piece in the underarm area.
<p>instead of using reclaimed or expensive purchased under wires. I use the plastic zip ties they come in a lot of sizes and you just cut off the lock mechanism part. When you cut it off just round the end so it wont poke you. They work great and you can buy packs of hundreds for what one pair of new under wires cost.</p>
Could you use push-up pads inside of them? I found push-up pads made for swimsuits at target and figured the concept was the same, but that you would have to put fabric liners on the inside. Thanks! Bras can be <b><i>SO&nbsp;</i></b>expensive these days. I saw a single bra at Victoria's Secret going for 60$! As I have a big box full of fabric of all sorts, I can make a bra for about a quarter as the box was $5. On a&nbsp;separate&nbsp;note, I&nbsp;recognize&nbsp;the fabric from your panty&nbsp;tutorial! Stay awesomesauce!&nbsp;<br> <br> Maui&nbsp;
$60 for a Bra isn't that much or that bad at all for a bra. I'm a man who wears them every day from the age of 14 and I'm 34 now and even i know that. A good quality bra and this in my opinion is still not top of the line I pay between $130. to $200. for a quality bra. Yes Victoria secret yes looks nice and sometimes sexy but the quality just isn't there in this man who where's bra's opinion ;-) pay a little bit more and get a much better quality and beautiful bra.
<p>Great instructable! Can't wait to try making my own bras that fit and are attractive too!</p>
This is so hard to make but it really helped me to make my own bra thanks
<p>Nice instructable. I might try it.</p>
You did a stellar job. I am bad about taking pics of my work so ppl can follow but this tutorial is amazing! I have been making bras larger for at least 10 years but it was usually me reconstructing. I just had a <strong>LARGE</strong> reduction and I am only 3 month post op. I have dreamed of a day I could walk in a normal store and buy off the rack but find that may not happen any time soon if at all either. Your tutorial (while I can't use wire yet) is the first one that has given me hope that I can be sexy, have the fit I need, and not be in pain. I wanted to say thank you for posting the tutorial even if I can not use all of it this moment it really has given me inspiration to carry on in my trying to make the right one for me. <strong>TY</strong>
Interesting, I had wondered how much effort would go into making a bra, now I know. Thank you.
Amazing, I appreciate the great detail in this instructable! I actually understand ALL of what needs to be done, and what a great quality finished item!
Wonderful! Where did you get that effing cute pirate fabric?!
What a genius idea Korlee! Brilliant!
To make a pattern and not to cut the original, there's a easy way of using masking tape. I made a pare of jeans (I couldn't really lose that my &quot;only&quot; pare, so I had to) like this... Whit something as small as this, it's easy: Tape the desired area (cut the unwanted peaces out) in both peaces and tear it off. You could use it as it is, but I taped it to patter-paper (?). Cut out and compare if the pattern is the same... Alter if needed :)<br><br>Very nice and useful instructable!
Holy mother of god I have been looking everywhere for this. badasscrafts.tumblr.com
Thanks for this I can wait to get started.
Who's the Model for this bra &amp; the matching panties?!? because I would like her to uh, Marry Me...
Don't be lame. She was kind enough to model for us.
so excited to start working on&nbsp;my bra&nbsp;:) thanks for this helpful instructable!
I have that same fabric! I've been wondering what to do with it. . .
Thankyou! I've been meaning to try it myself, but it's a little intimidating! Thanks for your steps!
me likey
Ok, I'll be the 1st to say it.. Nice rack! Pretty good instrutable as well - good job.
OMG, this is FABULOUS!!! I spend thousands of dollars every year buying bras in the search for yet one more that will fit well and be comfortable (There's one wacoal that is perfecto for me). I have resorted to keeping a spreadsheet of all the styles I've tried and returned. But this! I will definitely be trying it. I keep saying I need a personal tailor because shopping off the rack makes me feel like a freak of nature. THANKS!
Thank you for this. I am so sick of the plain paddy bras that are out now. This will help make a pretty bra that FITS. I am an in between size, so this is awesome. Thanks so much, I can't wait to get started!
Thank you, you are awesome! I've been wanting to see this process for a while now. I've been wanting to try to make a bra, and am thinking of trying out a flat plastic buckle. Like some of these, <a rel="nofollow" href="http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.qwdirect.com.au/images/lanyards/buckle.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.qwdirect.com.au/plastic-lanyard-accessories.php&usg=__RdED_MH4jaV6UQL9cAVYNejJdQo=&h=903&w=700&sz=121&hl=en&start=4&sig2=461rtosl6UQnutKjoYyfVw&um=1&tbnid=99lpV92t0iSQBM:&tbnh=147&tbnw=114&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dplastic%2Bbuckles%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dsafari%26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN%26um%3D1&ei=cP2fSrb3PJSINKOpxc0P">link</a>.<br/>
Thanks for such a detail project it really helped me,thanks!!!!!!!!!!
This would sure be a help for my wife, who has difficulty finding <em>just the right size</em> <br/>
It looks like this info <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Patternmaking-tips-for-Bras/">found at this ible</a> would be helpful too. <br/>
Okay, spill - how d'you get underlines in image notes?? Oh, fantastic bra btw. :D

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