Make an ubercool LED bracelet the easy way. Basically, all you need is ducttape, alu-foil, a bunch of leds and a battery. I tried to make this braceLED the easiest possible way. Assembling is done just by sticking everything into it's place. No experience in building electrical circuits is required whatsoever! Some patience is, though.

Update October 10th: I made a 2.0 version of the BraceLED. It's just as cool as this BraceLED, but with a different look & feel, and it fixes some minor problems. Please check it out here.

This bracelet is only an example to show how to get led's into a wearable fashion-item. In the same way, you can make belts, patches, or anything you want. So make your Halloween-costumes blink!

Here comes a video...


Step 1: Tools and stuff you need

Picture of Tools and stuff you need
Stuff you need:
  • Ducttape in a color of your choice
  • 6-10 LEDs (5 mm). Pick your color
  • 2 strips of Aluminium-foil, 30 x 5 cm
  • 1 Button shaped battery. Bigger is better (in this particular case).
    I used a Duracell 2032 Lithium cell. Costs around €1,80 / US$ 2,20
  • 1 Super magnet (neodymium). I used a cube 5x5x5 mm, but a disc-model works just as well. Europeans: shop at www.supermagnete.de
  • Two pieces of iron wire, 0.5 mm thick
Total costs: €8,- / US$ 10,- maximum.

Tools you need:
  • Cellotape
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Pliers with a small tip
  • Strip of paper to take the measure of a wrist
That's really cool! I think it would be interesting if you made it longer for a choker.
ynze (author)  AngelInTheNight4 years ago
Thnx! Give it a try!
imakethings4 years ago
You could try using SMD leds.....
ynze (author)  imakethings4 years ago
Yhnx! I just googled "smd-led", I didn't know them. The braceled can be made much smaller using the smd's, I guess. They're expensive, though (I found them for 2,38 a piece, in euro's!)
hmm.. The country where i live we get it for 5 rs per piece ie 5.00 INR = 0.0812930 EUR !!! so a few led wont cost me much!... also they run on lower currents..only thing you must have to work with smd's is MICRO SOLDERING SKILLS......
DemonDomen4 years ago
Interesting design. I wanted to do something like that, just not so wide.