The Teethlet - a Bracelet Made of Teeth





Introduction: The Teethlet - a Bracelet Made of Teeth

No worries ! No one was harmed in acquiring the teeth and no tomb raiding was commited !!
These are plastic teeth used in dental labs.
There are several manufacturers. I managed to know someone working in a dental lab and could get my hands on some old fashioned design line.

This might look a bit macabre but such a bracelet is an awesome eye catcher.
The next big hit at your upcoming voodoo party or your local zombie gathering ;)

Step 1: Material & Tools

  • Drill
  • 1mm/0.039" drill bit
  • Steady hand

  • Elastic cord
  • Plastic teeth (from dental lab or manufacturer samples)

For a single cord bracelet you need about 25-35 teeth depending on your wrist size. 30 teeth would be perfect for a 18cm/7" wrist circumference. To make it a double bracelet you need the double amount of course.

A wide choice of different teeth gives the bracelet a much more interesting look than just using the same sort of teeth for the whole bracelet. I used incisors, canines and molars.

Step 2: Drilling

Drilling holes into smooth curvy surfaces is a bid tricky. Watch your fingers ! But once you successfully drilled two or three of the teeth it gets easier.

Try to align the holes centered. I used the drill to widen the holes a bit so they can be easily slid on the cord.

Step 3: Bead It !

I made a simple knot at one end of the cord so the teeth couldn't slip off.
The teeth were randomly beaded on the cord.
Once I was finished I made a simple figure eight knot.

Step 4:

Now that was easy !
And done is your tooth bracelet.

If you have enough teeth the bracelet could be double folded to get a thicker or heavier look. Or you could make a necklace.

I would like to see your creations !



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    I've looked and looked and can't find a supplier. If anyone has the name of a company where to get these, please share! Thanks!

    It may be hard to get teeth from a supplier for a 'privat person' if you don't own a business but you could kindly ask your dentist or a local dental laboratory for some left over teeth. Sometimes they may have some old or discontinued collections. A tip for the jar by the coffee machine could save the day.

    If you don't know someone who works in a dental lab where are you supposed to get the teeth from? Are they expensive?

    Great job! I haven't ever found teeth to work with. Perfectly gross!

    All you need now is an ear necklace and you will be ready for a stylish showing at the upcoming thunderdome next year

    Some of you people oddly just have artificial and natural teeth lying around?? Totally Grossed out!!!!!|-P

    You need interconnections. :) Thanks !

    My skin is crawling.... Yet I am
    Pretty cool. If someone was good with polymer they could add "meat" to the base of the teeth(and or a root)...or use enamel to paint blood onto them....

    Don't look now, but I think your bracelet needs braces! ; )

    We have box after box of these at work. My boss can tell which brand they are by the smell they give off when shaping them up.