The beautiful bracelet for girls ... :)

Step 1: Materials Needed :

Jewel nut (with its taste and every bead that you want)

A Chamois leather string

Jewelry pliers

Step 2: Chamois Leather Inside the Ring Nut

Chamois leather to your wrist size of your scissors.

You should put the chamois leather inside the ring nut and tightly tie .

All the jewel nuts put the chamois leather and tie.

Step 3: Bracelet Is Ready

Bracelet with beads and knots is ready

Very easy ...

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Happy day :)

<p>Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this!</p>
Thank seamster for comment.<br>Of course, I'm still a beginner :)

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Bio: Hi !!! I am Fatima. I love making different things, songs and movies (especially Marvel). In particular, bracelets, jewelry and crafts :)
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