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Love Braids?

Here you'll see one of my inspirations.

Hi all. I'm Yicel, new around and so happy to be part of Instructables. I want to share with you this beautiful hairdo and post more. I called it Braid roses. Just let me know if you liked it and...If you want to know how it's made... then here you go.

Step 1: Half Ponytail

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First, divide your hair in half, like if you were to make a half ponytail.

Step 2: French Braid

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Second, take the first portion of fore hair and divide into 3 to start making a French braid (see tutorial as attached) with your half ponytail and tight it with a small hairband.

Step 3: Finished Half Braid

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This is what you get until French half braid is finished.

Step 4: Ponytails

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Fourth, Divide the other half of your hair in two more sections and tight them up with small hairbands. Here you can make straight or to the right side as I did it.

Step 5: Fishtail Braids

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Fifth, make two fishtail braids in the two sections of hair (See tutorial of fishtail braid as attached)

Step 6: Now the Roses

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Sixth, with your finished braids, pull the hair strands all over the braids and then make 3 small messy buns.

Step 7: Finished

Picture of Finished

And... Now is finished..This is the braids roses. Hope you liked it and loved it. I have many hairstyles to share with you.


Swansong (author)2017-03-16

That looks pretty :)

YicelM (author)Swansong2017-03-17

Thanks Swansong. Really appreciate your comment. There's more to come.

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