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Introduction: Braided Bracelet

This is a bracelet is inspired by one I saw and thought, is this possible with 3 strands of copper electrical wire? while trying to think of a bracelet for the contest. This is my first instructable and piece of jewellery so try to be nice :)

Step 1: Materials

-3/5 equal lengths of wire (I used 3 pieces of electrical wire, about 8" long)
-1 piece of wire about 2" long
-Scissors (or cable strippers)
-Tape, masking is easy to take off
-Needle nose pliers, round nose would work better
-'Dragon dropping' of your colour choice, I don't know the proper name for these small glass drops
-A small coin, I used a 1 pence piece
-A soldering iron or a torch
-Epoxy glue or jewellery glue
-Cylindrical object about as big as a wrist

Step 2: Cable Stripping (optional)

If you aren't using electrical wire or any other encased wire you can skip this step. If not this is how to get rid of the casing.

1-Get your cable and a pair of scissors (or cable strippers)
2-Make a small cut, not too deep, and spin the cable in the scissors to leave a cut all the way around that part. This can take some practice.
3-Pull the cable off the wire or push it with the scissors' blades.
4-Repeat for the entire length of the wire and for each piece.
5-Straighten the wire a bit so it can be handled easily.

Step 3: Braiding

Here's the main body of the bracelet.

1-Cut a small piece of tape and lay out the pieces of wire parallel to each other with about 1-2cm of wire on the tape.

2-Wrap the tape around the bottom of the wires so the are secure.

3-Divide the wires to each side so there is one more on one side than the other (for three wires 1 on one side and 2 on the other, and for five wires, 2 on one side and 3 on the other)

4-Begin braiding by taking the wire at the bottom of the side with more wires to the other side. Creating a small arch.

5-Repeat this action, using the wire at the bottom of the side with more wires, until you have about an inch of wire left at the end. Try to keep all the arches the same size, it doesn't matter if they are slightly off.

6-Remove the tape, if there is sticky stuff left then you can wipe it off using a preprepared alcohol swab or a cotton bud and aftershave.

If there are any arches you want to adjust feel free to adjust them using your pliers.

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet Ends

To finish the bracelet you can do what ever you like. To start with I planned on making a celtic knot (triquetra) for each end but I decided to change it. This is what I did:

1-Split the ends of the bracelet unevenly (last picture in the previous step)

2-Take you needle/round nose pliers and turn the end of the wire inwards.

3-Next hold you pliers on the side of the spiral you started and continue turning it into a spiral.

4-Repeat for all of the ends.

This could then just be bent and then worn but I've got one last thing to do to it.

I didn't take pictures of the process but if you watch this video (towards the last half) it should help it make sense.

Step 5: Adding the Centre Piece

This could be wire wrapped on but since this was my first piece of jewellery and my first instructable I didn't (and because I can't XD)

For this I wrapped my small piece of wire around my penny and then shaped it to fit the dragon dropping and sit on the penny.

Next trim the excess off the wire loop and make sure the ends touch.

Solder the two ends together and then solder the ring onto the penny.

Pour a small amount of glue onto the penny, inside the ring, and then place your dragon dropping into it.

Now find the middle of your bracelet (measure or eye it but don't try folding it in half) and solder the penny to the bracelet.

Step 6: Shaping

Now for the final part, shaping the bracelet.

1-Straighten out the sides of the bracelet as much as you'd like.

2-Take your cylindrical object and place the centre of the bracelet onto the curved side.

3-Start bending it with the curve of the cylinder

4-Move the object to different sections of the bracelet and bend it there, make sure to do this evenly on both halves of the bracelet.

Step 7: Finished

And there you have it, a finished simple braided bracelet :)
Hope you like it and don't forget to send pictures if you make it. Also if you have any questions about what I did, feel free to ask them in the comments, I'll try to answer them.

*Sorry about the dodgy photos, I'm no photographer*


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    I'm wondering, how did you come up with idea for the mounting for the dragon dropping? I was thinking of doing something similar with one of those coin sized knockouts from an electric box, and this shows me I was on the right track! For a first instructable, you've knocked it out of the park!

    1 reply

    Thanks :D I can't actually remember how I came up with it although I do remember that I saw a few videos about making coin rings so I was considering using one for the bezel. Hope that helps and good luck :)

    very nice DIY, like this very much :)

    1 reply

    melted marbles for plant ,fish tanks or crafts, I like your 'dragon droppings' better!

    1 reply

    I love this! Thx for posting! Ive gotta try it so please say a prayer or send wishes as I have never soldered before! Lol! I think the "dragon droppings" are acutally baubles but I like dragon droppings better! ;)

    4 replies

    You're very welcome and good luck with the soldering, I think if you have epoxy glue then you might be able to use that instead. Also thanks for that thought, that makes more sense but it'll probably stick to dragon droppings XD

    Thanks for epoxy suggestion. I will try that. I def like dragon droppings better. I am using it at the next festival I go to. :)

    You're welcome, if you do use that can you tell me if it works or not? Have fun :)

    I still have not had time to try this. I have so many projects going at one time... lol! :)

    I'm loving this! I'm also wondering what those little glass beads are called but from now on "Dragon droppings" they'll be! ;) Great Instructible.

    1 reply

    Thank you :) and I've been searching and I still can't find their name XD

    Excellent first instructable! I really like how the braided part looks!

    1 reply