Introduction: Braided Bun

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Step 1: Things Needed

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-a brush
-2 ponytails
-bobby pins if needed

Step 2: Ponytail

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Brush your hair out with a wet brush and put it in a high ponytail.

Step 3: Twisting

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Twist your hair by rolling your finger throughout your hair. This will make a cool looking bun. Make sure to twist it very tight and DON'T LET GO. If you do let go make sure to restart.

Step 4: Putting Your Hair Into a Bun

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Step 5: Spraying

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Spray your hair with hairspray.

Step 6: Bobby Pins

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Put bobby pins in the spots that hair is sticking out at also put some in your bun to make it stay in longer.

Step 7: What It Could Look Like With Hair Out of the Bun

Picture of What It Could Look Like With Hair Out of the Bun

These are some options of what your hair might look like when u take out the bun.

Hope u like my instructable/ DIY. Thx for looking at it,bye.


This is such a pretty and simple hairstyle! Also, I love your pink hair! Some of mine is orange right now :D

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