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Step 2: Lining It Up

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All your doing here is Lining up the scarfs for when you braid it (it really doesn't matter which one you put on top)

Step 3: The First Braid

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After you've lined it up take the start of the one at the bottom (blue) and put your arm threw it as shown above then grip the end of the black scarf

Step 4: Pull It Through

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Take the black scarf you were just holding through the blue scarf that was on your arm

Step 5:

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This may be a little confusing but don't pull the scarf tight just yeti ale the end of the black scarf bring it under the blue scarf and push it through the space in the middle of your braid (you don't have to do this step I just adds more braids to your scarfs)

Step 6: Finished

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Now you just pull your scarf tight and wear

This is my first instuructable so I wouldn't mind a little constructive criticism and please tell me if you like it and sorry for the blurry pictures

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