Braided Wire Bracelets




Introduction: Braided Wire Bracelets

These bracelets are simple to make. They consist of braided wire with beads added in periodically. I made these with wire that I have had sitting around for ages. It was not branded, but I figure it is the equivalent of florists wire, maybe a little thinner. 

-wire, florists will work
-a single button for each bracelet
-wire cutters
-pliers (optional)

I looped the wire around my arm two full times for the "main strand" and two times plus an inch or two for the secondary strand. I threaded the strands through the button, wrapping the extra wire of the shorter strand around the base of the button to secure the wire to the button. Then I started braiding,

The gold bracelet had a bead placed on the middle strand every 1/4 inch. The green one had three beads strung over all three of the strands every half inch (sorry that there is not a picture of it alone, my computer would not accept it). There a third version of this bracelet that I could not find to photograph. That bracelet had a bead alternating on the outermost strand ever quarter inch. 

To finish off, I used two methods, the one I prefer is on the gold one for which you simply fold the remaining wire into a loop big enough to slide over the bead and secure it by looping tightly around the base. The second method, which I honestly just stumbled through, involves making a loop with a different color of wire and twisting the two ends together. This method is more tedious, and I would not suggest doing it unless you absolutely have to.



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