Braiding Machine


Introduction: Braiding Machine

These machines have been around for hundreds of years and products made from them are used in medical , auto, aerospace, food industry, and thousands of other industry's. You may wish to take the time to do a little research on the evolution of these fascinating machines .

Wikipedia has an excellent "History of Braiding" ! Also search You tube for Radial Carbon Fiber Braiding !

History of Braiding

Step 1:

Step 2: STL Files on Thingiverse



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    incase someone wants to download the files

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    do you have the files still?, this link is dead, could you bring me files?

    Thank You, for maintaining a copy.

    Yeah, he lemoved them but i made a copy just in case

    really thank you !!!!!

    There are no instructions or files, just dead links. What gives?

    Any pictures of some finished braided product??