Step 16: Just end it all

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To end it, tack down the ends either straight across or in a "V" shape. Third image is machine sewn in the "V" shape. Select a thread color to either match or contrast your braided colors and using a tight zigzag stitch, machine sew following your previous stitches. Trim the ends. Done.
mysss5 years ago
I agree; I would like to see more designs for bracelets. I'm really into knot tying and this sort of braiding, and I've never seen/known of this method for finishing a braid/plait. Have you tried this with round cord/string? If so, does it work as well as with the flat stuff used in the instructable? Thanks.
hammer9876 (author)  mysss5 years ago
I am kind of at a loss for finishing it. I have yet to figure out a good way of doing it. Any suggestions? And yes, it does work well with round cord/string.
The only way I've ever done it is by melting the string (I only ever use synthetic string, for the most part, because for some reason I can never find anything else) so that the ends of everything fuse together. Now, this method kind of sucks, and I presume grows much more impractical if you try it on something larger, such as this project. Or flatter, actually, for that matter. I guess I should elaborate on "sucks." I mean that it's difficult to get it to look good, and it's pretty crude. I'm not sure how well the method someone else suggested (using a hot blade/wire to cut off the ends) works, because I've actually been waiting for an order of new (cheap) knives to arrive before I try it (I don't want to risk my beloved pocketknife this way, and I actually just found out about the method of heating a knife...). It seems to me that this wouldn't work as well for this purpose, even though it finishes the ends of individual cords nicely, since the melting is much more localized than using an actual match/lighter/gas stove flame (lighters work best, I think. I've seen my dad use the stove, and have burned myself with matches doing this [don't judge me]), but this is only a guess. A footnote to both that and my own suggestion is only to use the method on synthetics, not natural fibers which burn instead of melt. Good luck finding a way that satisfies you! (And keep us posted.)
ladyKrone5 years ago
My husband and I are involved in a "living history" group, and this braid makes a fantastic belt. You can also braid using embroidery thread or thin ribbon to make very interesting looking trim for clothing, too. Great instructable!
hammer9876 (author)  ladyKrone5 years ago
Thank you for your kind words and even better, more ideas! When you think about it, add some photos here of your trim. Or a link to your instructables for living history clothing! With trims of course.
Londonbrig05 years ago
This is really cool, I can't wait to make my own!
Can this be done with more than eight, just continuing the pattern as necessary? i wanna make some visibly woven shoes, and this looks pretty suitable for it if i can get it wide enough.
hammer9876 (author)  student.mckinney5 years ago
I admit that I haven't tried it, but I would think any even number of strands (4, 6, 8, 10, +) would work. My mind can't grasp the pattern with an odd number. Seems like it might work, but maybe not, and I would hate to tell everyone that it works without trying it first. Stick to the even numbers of strands.

I hope you are planning an instructable for the shoes!
jeanhhl6 years ago
I made my own belt using your tutorial. It's so easy. I used just 30min while I was watching TV.U can use rope also. Thank you for your tutorial.
hammer9876 (author)  jeanhhl6 years ago
You are so welcome! Do we get pictures?
wordgirrl6 years ago
i've been looking for a way to make a strap for a camelbak unbottle to wear slung over my shoulders. i'm a knitter, so i'm likely to use some cotton yarn, if i can figure out how to finish the ends sturdily. this is a really great instructable!
hammer9876 (author)  wordgirrl6 years ago
Yes, ending it all is a problem. I have never come up with a good way to end this. I suppose that there are "findings" in some hobby stores - some sort of belt ending or something - but I never remember to look for them. I have folded cords to the back and sewn them down, but that makes them double thick, which only works well sometimes. If you are going to sew down both ends of cotton yarn, then I would say sew them with a zig-zag stitch back and forth multiple times. Good luck.
DIS.AR.RAY6 years ago
that looks amazing! I've been selling hemp bracelets at my school, but I always wanted to do cooler than just the normal hemp designs. I'll give this a try, a long with some leather cord. :D Mucho Gracias
hammer9876 (author)  DIS.AR.RAY6 years ago
Post a photo of your creations. Plus I want to see how you end the braiding and finish it off into a bracelet. Do you have an instructable on your hemp bracelets?