Picture of Braille Push Pad
Please note:
This was done in the name of irony, not intended to offend in any way!

                    The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.

In my line of work I come across some weird and wonderful things, one such thing was a request from a customer to have the signs on an automatic doors in braille.
One of the signs we use is a "Keep Clear", I was not sure how you can have a Keep Clear sign with braille!

That got me thinking about the paradox of a braille push pad that said Do not touch!

So, because I have a warped view of life I thought I should make one :-)
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Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
2012-05-08 12.24.01.jpg
Step 1, obtain the Braille alphabet

Step 2, do the design in AutoCAD and scale to the push pad size

Step 3, cut out design and stick it to the face of the push pad

Step 4, drill the holes with a 3.5mm drill bit

Step 2: Filling the holes

Picture of Filling the holes
2012-05-09 17.36.14.jpg
2012-05-09 17.35.01.jpg
2012-05-09 17.35.08.jpg
2012-05-09 17.36.38.jpg
2012-05-09 17.38.00.jpg
For this I used some ally rivets and went back to the old ways they made ships, basically put the rivet in the hole and smack it with a hammer until it folds on itself.

Hitting things with a hammer makes it all better!

Fisrt off remove the pin from the rivet, put it into the hole and cut the back of the rivet so it is just proud of the plate.

Take a M8 bolt and then place it on the rivet and smack away, there is a destinct sound difference when the rivet is as flat as it will get.

Just mind your fingers as there are sharp bits from the drilling.

We bleed for our art!
nerd17013 years ago
Have you ever wondered why there is braille on drive in atm's at banks?
Djandco (author)  nerd17013 years ago
Well, I assume that the banks thought that if they make it that far then you wouldn't want to be stumped by the key pad!

Have you ever seen See no evil Hear no evil?

Very true!
I have a friend that is blind and his mom said that it is so that a blind person in the backseat of a car could use the atm. She thinks it is ridiculous because it is really hard to reach the atm from the backseat.
R-3 years ago
Your last two letters in TOUCH are wrong. The second half of the C and the H are upside down.

Other than that, very cute...I think I'll make one for my reprap.