I have a friend who lost his sight a few years ago, and it got me thinking about how much that must really suck. I use my eyes all the time, I don't know what I would do without them, he must miss out on so much. I sure would like to make his life easier some how.....

We were taking and for what every reason the subject of rubik's cube came up. Not only had he never seen one, when he did have his sight, but he didn't know what a rubiks cube is. You try and explain a rubik's cube to a blind man. So I thought how about a make a braille rubiks cube for him and then he wont have to miss out on all the frustration exasperation, annoyance, anger, vexation, irritation, bitterness, resentment; disappointment and discouragement that comes with trying to solve that infernal puzzle.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

You don't realy need too much stuff, Just a rubiks cube, some double sided automotive tape, some alcohol to clean the cube and 3D printed tiles. There are nine tiles on each side so 54 tiles in all.

You will also need a sharp hobbie knife and a board to cut on and a clean well lit work area.

<p>one thing, YOU NEED 54 TILES, NOT 81! 9 TILES TIMES SIX SIDES IS 54 TILES! sorry for the shouting</p>
<p>oh yeah Im hopless at counting</p>
Nice job! This is great for those with disabilities.
<p>This project is simple, but the result is amazing. It can help blind people entertained by using a braille code to help them solve this rubick puzzle. Amazing work man!</p>
<p>thanks jonsemar</p>
<p>Awesome project! As a speedcuber myself, this is awesome. Nice work!</p>
<p>This is idea is so simple that I am just mad that I did not think of this.<br>Awesome project, I voted</p>
<p>thanks wemja, I was going for simple, awesome and mad, so 3 for 3</p>
That is so cool that you took the time to think of your friend in a manner that most people dont... i bet that really touched him... Great Idea!!!
<p>This is amazing! The idea is amazing, and this would be such a great toy for a blind child. :) 3D Printers really do the most amazing things. You can read a little about the history of these amazing inventions here: http://www.monomachines.com/shop/office-supplies/3-d-printers/3dprinters.html#history</p>
<p>Man you have to put this one on KickStarter, I will back you for sure.</p>
Thank You!!! I have a friend called Bear ( she's punched her last boyfriend out when he tried to smother her) that went blind 5 years ago. I've been trying to find afordable things she can play with while home alone. Since I don't have access to 3-D printer, I will glue beads instead<br> Last week I asked her &quot;How do you charge a Grizzly Bear into a bionic Bat? With a sonar neclace!&quot;<br>
<p>You could try rhinestone bead stickers, </p>
Thank you for another good idea. I think I will go to a beauty supply shop to see what they have for nail art<br>
<p>Has he solved it yet?</p>
<p>Ill let you know in a couple of weeks, as hes only had the cube a few hours</p>
I was thinking the same thing!
Very nice. Your last paragraph is spot on.
<p>thanks make_this I was going for spot on. ;-)</p>
<p>Very nice, I immediately voted :)<br>I think you can also apply them to dice?</p>
<p>I love this. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>thanks mysterygirl</p>
<p>I really liked this project. You got my vote!</p>
<p>Thanks PJ</p>
<p>Very nice job you just made me smile by caring for the blind.</p>
This is really great! Great that you made it especially for someone, and a difficult challenge.
<p>Great idea!</p>

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