Brain Board





Introduction: Brain Board

The Brain Board is a cork bulletin board shaped like a brain for helping you remember. Sure, you may have an actual brain that accomplishes these feats, but sometimes it is just not quite up to the task. Whether it be used for small to-do items, important appointments, or for sentimental keepsakes, these items will always be on the top of your mind. This is a painless way to embed something deep into your brain.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x1) 12" x 8" x 3/8" black acrylic (at minimum)
(x1) 12" x 8" 3/8" cork (at minimum)
(x1) 12" x 8" x 3/16" plywood (at minimum)
(x1) Brain vector file
(x1) 3M 30-NF contact adhesive

Step 2: Cut the Acrylic

Scale the brain vector file to whatever size you like and cut it out of 3/8" acrylic.

Step 3: Cut the Cork

Delete the outer perimeter line from the vector brain file.

Once completed, cut the file out of 3/8" cork.

Step 4: Combine

Remove any protective coating from the acrylic.

Insert the cut cork pieces into the acrylic frame.

Step 5: Cut the Plywood

Now delete everything but the outer perimeter line from the brain file and scale it to be a tiny bit smaller.

Add a 0.3" circle to the top center of the brain.

Cut this shape out of 3/16" plywood.

For an added touch, route halfway down through the front side of the plywood shape with a 1" bit. This will later provide an inner lip for hanging.

Step 6: Contact Cement

Apply contact adhesive to the back of the brain and the front side of the plywood.

Stick both surfaces firmly together once the adhesive has dried on both surfaces.

Step 7: Go Use

If your actual brain is not working quite right, let this one lend you some help.



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8 steps really.

How many steps do you recommend? Which part of the instructions do you think I should remove?

Sorry that I'm new to graphics programs, but I'm using Inkscape to create my .svg file from the .jpg. Using paint or other program, what is the simplest method to delete the outer perimeter line for the cork or leave just the line for the plywood. Thanks.

i love this. I'm gonna make the poor people version of this with paint and cork board. Thanks for the tutorial. :D

my thoughts exactly ttoo haha

Love it!


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Especially for the AbbyNormal types, such as myself.

This is awesome. I'd love to make one. I've had several brain surgeries and we have tons of brain jokes around this house as a coping mechanism. We are wondering though about how to cut the acrylic. I thought that was a difficult thing to do? Any tips? Great job! I LOVE it! --from Zipperhead

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