Picture of Brain Candy
When hungry zombies come after you, feed them these yummy candy brains and keep your own brain safe!

Step 1: Ingredients and supplies

Picture of Ingredients and supplies
braincandy 001.jpg
What you will need:
Pink candy melts, available at Michaels craft store
Brain candy mold, available at confectioneryhouse.com
Pyrex or other microwave-safe bowl

Optional fillings:
crisped rice cereal (I use this mini crispy rice cereal)

It's brainalicious..... not sure what I just said... but great job on this 'able! Real cute for Halloween.
pennyf244 years ago
Always a great idea for any zombie party... Will have to create these for my next one :D
Screamo4 years ago
X(♫ S⊂R∃AMO ♫ )X