Step 6: Test Flying RC Heliocopter from Command Console

Picture of Test Flying RC Heliocopter from Command Console

In this example video the Radio Controlled Helicopter is first operated via the original remote control, then after switches on the prototype board are flipped, the command to "fly forward" is issued by the Puzzlebox Brainstorms software operating in console mode. Note there is a delay before the helicopter takes off during which time the sync between transmitter and helicopter is re-established.

Available console commands include the following:

Neutral: Use this command to establish initial sync with helicopter
python Helicopter_Control.py --command=neutral

Hover: Hover the helicopter in the air
python Helicopter_Control.py --command=hover

Fly Forward: Fly the helicopter forward, low to the ground so as to easily land
python Helicopter_Control.py --command=fly_forward

Read: Read data frames from the remote control and output them directly to the console
python Helicopter_Control.py --command=read