Step 8: Install the Puzzlebox and Emotiv software

Picture of Install the Puzzlebox and  Emotiv software
Puzzlebox Brainstorms is an open source BCI (Brain-Computer Interface) software package which allows control of various robots and vehicles via EEG. Version 0.4.5 of the software was updated to control the Action Arrow Storm Series wheelchair featured in this Instructable.

The software has been pre-packaged for Linux and Windows and is available for download at the website: (this was listed in Step 2)


The software should be entirely compatible with Mac OS X, however it has not been packaged or tested with that operating system.

There are two programs from Emotiv which we will use for this project:

Emotiv Control Panel



Both are available to download freely as part of their "SDKLite" software pack:
(this was listed in Step 2)