'Brain Food' (Jello Brain)

Nothing gets your guests more squeamish than asking them to eat something revolting. Or perhaps eating brain gives your more more 'brain power'. In either case, its fun to offer bits of the ol' grey matter to your guests and even better to have them watch as you carve it up for them!

Here we will make a gelatin (jello) brain that, although looks quite unappetizing, tastes pretty good! So let's get started...

Step 1: Materials


You will need the following:

A brain shaped jello mold.

The jello mold I'll be using I purchased over 20 years ago from the SKS Sibley Company, a 'Qwiggle-gel' Brain Mold. In fact, I found someone on eBay selling the same item. I don't know if they are in business any more but you can find similar molds on Amazon, eBay and elsewhere on the internet. This mold is the largest capacity I have found, approximately 6-1/2 cup capacity. I believe that the finished brain is larger than the anatomically correct equivalent so don't try to fit it into a skull to serve it as its just too big. But, hey, more brain to share.

The recipe I will be using came with my 'Qwiggle-gel' Brain Mold.

- 3 Large boxes of gelatin (6 oz size). I could only find the 3oz size so I show twice as many.

(I use watermelon flavor for the light color, which tints nicely to a grayish hue).

- 1 Can Fat Free Evaporated Milk (12 oz size). For best results this needs to be the fat free type.

- Liquid Food Coloring - Blue and Green (6 drops each) - see text

- Kitchen nonstick spray (Pam, etc.) to spray the mold to prevent the jello from sticking

- 2-1/2 Cups boiling water

- 1 Cup cold water

Bowls, whisk, etc.

<p>Great idea!!! So gross yet, so brilliant!</p>
Now THAT'S a creepy thing for halloween...

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