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Introduction: Brain Slug

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Anyone who is a fan of Futurama knows what a Brain Slug is! In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to make a Brain Slug out of floral foam. As a warning, floral foam is incredibly malleable, however it also will get dented/scratched very easily and will absorb vast amounts of water. So this is more effective as a display than an active prop, however you can use it as that too!

Step 1: What You Will Need

For this project, you will need: Floral foam, large enough to carve out your brain slug. I used a semi-sphere. You can easily find these In the floral department of craft stores. Acrylic paint, in lime green, black, and white. Paint brushes, at least one of them narrow enough to paint the pupil. Thin jewelry wire. Lime green Sculpey or modeling clay. Something to carve with. I used a few dental picks that I bought from a military surplus store, however you could use just about anything with a flat edge. Protective gear. I would highly suggest at least a face mask, as this creates a lot of debris! You may also want goggles to avoid eye contact and gloves due to the fact that the dust sticks to EVERYTHING. Lay newspaper or plastic down on your work surface prior to beginning this project. Optional supplies: Clear spray paint in matte finish, to help in sealing the foam. Headbands and a glue gun, in case you want to wear it as a prop.

Step 2: Carve, Carve, Carve...

This step isn't really so much about following a template. I 'sketched' a rough draft of the bottom form that I wanted my Brain Slug to have. I then began to chip away at the edges of the foam, widdling away a little at a time. There isn't really anything to this. Just visualize where you want your Brain Slug to be in the block of foam and try to carve off chunks in a vague shape. As you see, this began to look like a ghost from Pac Man, so I guess you could make one of those if you wanted to.

Step 3: Finer Details

I used a bottle cap as a template for the eye, but you could use just about anything round or eye-ball it. Eye ball it, get it? :P

Step 4: Painting and Details

Unfortunately I had forgotten to get pictures of the antennae making process. It's simple, so you should be able to pull it off with little effort. First, measure out how long you want your antennae. Add 1-2 inches and cut your wire to that length. Using your green modeling clay, mold around the wire to form an antennae, leaving the 1-2 inches on the bottom bare. Bake according to instructions. Once cooled, insert the wire into the brain slug and secure with a dot of hot glue. Paint the entire slug green. Once dry, paint the eye and pupil. This will take several coats, as the paint tends to soak into the foam. Once dry, you can spray with clear paint and, if desired, glue to a headband.



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    16 Discussions

    This is the best brainslug I've seen yet. Great job!

    super helpful I'm going as bender for Halloween and I need props

    did you ever make a video for this?

    Nice! Well made, especially given the material you were making it in. To toughen it up, maybe a thin coat or two of PVA glue will make it solid, especially if you mix it with a little water first. It will dry clear and give a hard plasticky surface..

    I love it, Panko!

    In my opinion, Kdemon, it would probably be to glue it to a headband. People with longer hair could try gluing it to some hair slips instead.

    this look fantastic. i have always wanted make one of these to have a quick costume on hand.

    Remove the antenna and turn blue , and you would have BOB from Monsters and Aliens .

    I made one for cover a broke corner of me monitor,i believe that looks good but sadly isn't good as yours. Grate job


    How do you suppose is the best way to attach to your head?

    Thanks! I'm hoping to make a video tutorial, since I missed a lot of progress in just taking pictures. :3