Brain Slug - Futurama


Introduction: Brain Slug - Futurama

Futurama brain slug I created free hand. Crocheted in the round.



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    next : the team fortress 2 blob creature thing hat for the pyro

    I love you! This is the greatest hat I have ever seen! Yes! Brain Slug! Love it!

    where did u get the pattern i would love to make one

    very cute! I coould also see this as the beginnings of a Plankton (Spongebob) plushie ;)

    very cute,
    you should take a picture of it on your head.

    Ver nice!

    I do however have some helpfull advice. It's wise to take some more pictures of it (view from above, sides, back..) to make this a more interesting ible.

    A funny picture of the brainslug on somebody's head would be a nice addition to.

    More pictures will give you more chance to win the critter contest so just get your camera and add some more pics :) You can edit this slideshow by going to the slideshow and pressing "edit".